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A garage door is one of the basic things that every homeowner wants to install in their residential and commercial premises to ensure safety. And, now, with the advancement of technology, it’s just a click away.

But, when there will be a power outage or a battery problem, it’s hardly possible to open your garage door then. Also, you can find an inoperable garage door opener or motor burning sometimes. Then, what’s the solution? The only option is to operate your garage door manually.

Yes, it may sound easy to perform but, when you have no understanding of doing this, don’t take a risk. Follow the steps below to ensure that your car doesn’t get stuck inside the garage.

manual garage door chain

Here are the steps to open a garage door manually

Isn’t your remote working, or is there a power outage? Don’t worry! With some simple tips, you can operate your garage door even in such situations.

Tip 1: Pull the cord

  • As safety is the top priority, most homeowners prefer to attach locks with the latches of the garage door. You need to unlock them so that you can move the garage door freely and with ease.
  • Do you use the garage door for a long time? If yes, the mechanism should have a center rail contained a red emergency cord. You can pull the cord down towards the back. It will help you to avoid the ropes from getting stuck on the tracks.

Tip 2: Ask for the help

To make such jobs done, the best way is to ask your neighbors to help you out in such situations. With multiple people, it will be easy for you to keep your vehicle back to the garage or bring it out. One can help you to hold the cord properly, whereas you can drive the car back or out of the garage. Also, you can keep any item back to the garage. It reduces the chances of accidents and risks while doing such jobs.


Tip 3: Things to remember

While trying to open a garage door manually, you need to be cautious and remind some vital things. Such as:

  • Make sure to check the garage door springs before starting the task. Otherwise, the broken spring can make the door crashed down that can cause accidents. Also, it can damage your car underneath it at that time.
  • You can simply lift the door and place an item to prop it. Or, you can ask anyone to hold it and move your vehicle safely.

Tip 4: The final task

When the power returns or you have fixed the remote battery issues, make sure to reset the settings.

  • Attach the lock of the safety latches back to its place.
  • Pull up the red cord to the front.
  • Re-engage the trolley.
  • Check the spring attachment back to its original settings.

Now, if all the attempts go in vain, it’s best to contact our technicians. They can offer you the best solution for any garage door related issues. Call us at (214) 915-0384 now!

In the era of technology, science comes with a wide variety of advanced accessories. It not simplifies our lives than the last decade but operates the garage door from miles away. Have a glance at the following points to get further info about the garage door opener accessories. Such as follows:


Wireless exterior keypad

With this advanced accessories, you can control your garage door opener even outside the wall-mounted door. You will get a wide variety of exterior keypad designs and models in the market. Make sure to pick the right based on the model of garage door opener you have.

You need not worry about its usage and application. It works just like a remote control where you need to put a 4-digit code to operate the garage door. This tool is useful for those homeowners who have shed on their property. That is why they can’t install an entry door.

Garage door monitor

It may be possible that you forget to close the garage door before going to bed. Isn’t it? Well, you need not go outside to check them. The garage door monitor allows checking the status and operates the garage door from any room of your home.

Laser parking system

Well, you may often fail to park your car perfectly in the garage door. It can cause damage and scratch to the car surface. Well, this tool can help you to maximize the space in your garage. Hence, you can identify where to stop and park it.

Wireless control panel

Are you opting for a handy control panel to operate your garage door opener? You can install this accessory near an access door leading outside. If you are looking for an alternative solution to control a garage door opener, the wireless keypad can be the best one. You just need to install it on the outside of your garage door.

Internet Gateway

Not only residential but commercial garage door technology is developing by days. Now, you can use even the Wi-Fi app to open and close your garage door from any corner of the world.

For example, you can also let anyone in or allow someone to leave any package on your doorstep. Well, if you find your garage door opener to malfunction, make sure to contact a reputable garage door repair company.

Battery Backup System

You can operate your garage door safely, even if there is a power outage. A battery backup system for garage door opener is available now in the market. Apart from this, you can turn on the LED bulbs installed in the garage door opener to avoid darkness.

Mini Remote Control

Many people want to carry the remote control of your gate door opener but cannot because of its size. If you are one of them, this accessory is perfect for you. Its small size allows you to place it in your purse or key ring.

The garage door accessories can take care of your daily concern about operating garage doors. Besides, you can go through other blogs to get a comprehensive guide about a garage door opener.