Garage Door Cable Broke: What Should I Do?

garage door cable broke - Supreme Garage Door Repair

Don’t worry if your garage door cable broke recently. Supreme Garage Door can be of assistance to you if you are wondering that your garage door cable broke and whom should you contact. If you note that your garage door is not functioning correctly, or the door is uneven, there might be a cable problem. […]

Garage Door Cable Snapped What Does That Mean?

garage door cable snapped - Supreme Garage Door Repair

Automatic garage doors have cables that are located on each side to lower and lift the garage doors. The cables are strong, but over time you can end up with a garage door cable snapped. The wear and tear will eventually take its toll, which causes the cable to fray, lose tension or break altogether, […]

Garage Door No Power – Call Us Now!

garage door no power - Supreme Garage Door Repair

When the power goes out or when you have misplaced the remote for the door, you can manually open the door. It is a good idea that you familiarise yourself with how to manually open the door when you suffer a garage door no power option. The process is very easy to do, but there […]

Garage Door Off Track?

garage door off track - Supreme Garage Door Repair

You might have noticed those buildings on the streets with uneven doors in their garages before. One thing you may not even be aware of is that if your trying to fix such doors yourself, you are going to end up making things a lot worse. You can go from having an uneven door to […]