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It is vertical market leaders in the home security, appliance, and automobile industries that need to start scratching their heads and thinking about reaching new business owners. DVR system, digital subscription TV services, and home security systems are all dependant on a standard phone line to function. To combat this fear, many people are increasing the level of home security to protect their families and valuables.

This is the latest version of the drive-by garage door remote theft where criminals would use universal remote controls to open garage doors without arousing the suspicions of neighbors, police, or home security companies. The best way of making the most of any home security discount that your insurance provider offers is to ensure that your house is fitted with deadbolt locks, smoke detectors/alarms, and if possible a burglar and fire alarm that is monitored. For example, let’s say you’re selling home security products.

A classic piece of rubbish for the security book would be:-“We at ACME security have been leaders in the field of home security for over seventy years, winning the Queen’s Award for the industry on at least five occasions. Security Services Internet can be compared to services like ADT home security. There are less dramatic, but nevertheless fear-inspired, examples: Fear incites us to buy life insurance, to floss our teeth, to buy cars with airbags, to install home security systems, and to purchase guns.

Consider these technology services related keyword examples and the results they yield on Google:

* Home Office Supplies: 450,000,000 results
* Satellite TV: 61,900,000 results
* High Speed Internet Access: 123,000,000 results
* VOIP: 112,000,000 results
* Long Distance Services: 67,000,000 results
* Internet Conferencing: 40,600,000 results
* Web Hosting: 295,000,000 results
* Home Security Systems: 481,000,000 results

If a person wanted to a comparison shop for these technical services, they would spend days, even weeks, going through all of these results, in order to find the best deal on all of these services. Some less than obvious facts are that new business owners are 150% more likely to install a home security system in their home within the first 6 months of starting their business.

$1 per click to Google to advertise under the keyword phrase burglar alarm, but if they wanted to advertise using the keyword phrase home security systems they pay approximately $5 per click to Google. This may be the ideal time to install that home security system you’ve been thinking about.

Well, it’s no secret that we all are suffering from a pandemic, COVID 19 that hit us hard. In most countries, the inhabitants, along with all the private and government sectors, are under lockdown to avoid community spread of this virus. The provision of public and private gatherings can help us to prevent the global health crisis. Besides, we do not have any vaccine or antidote to overcome it yet.

In such a situation, you need to pay attention to the safety of your family from other things as well. For example, a garage door is incredibly convenient. And, even during this lockdown, Supreme Garage Door is open to serve you any garage door emergency.

However, a lack of ignorance can hamper the security of your home. That’s why you need to have some knowledge of garage door safety measures. What are they? Let’s get some tips in this regard.

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Tips to keep your garage secure

During this pandemic situation, every homeowner wants to avoid burglary by access to the garage door to the home. You may not be an exception. So, check out the security tips for your garage door, as suggested below.

Hide the opener

Make sure to keep your garage door opener out of sight. Mostly, thieves break into the vehicles and use the remote controls of the garage door to access to your home. So, while you are at work or going elsewhere, keep the remote of the opener hidden somewhere.

Set a new code

You can set a new code for your garage door every six months. Change them on a rotating basis and fix a calendar reminder to do so. It is a smart step to enhance and maintain the safety of your garage and home.

Inspect the door

Make sure to inspect your garage door at least once a week. Check the garage door springs and openers, weather-stripping, gaps between the panels, and many more. Even a small vulnerability can help the burglars break into the home through the garage. It can be better of you can inspect the garage door seasonally. In winter, sometimes ice or snow can wear down the weather-stripping or other parts of the door.

Installing a side lock

If you are planning to go for a trip for a longer span, side lock installation can be a smart idea. No one can unlock it with remote or codes. You need to open it manually with hands. Burglars can avoid breaking the locks and leaving any clue behind.

Keep it close

Make sure to close the garage door always after using it. Otherwise, it makes it easy for anyone to gain access to your home. You can install Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers to operate the door and keep your property safe.

Well, our professionals maintain all the safety measures required during this pandemic attack. We use sanitizers and maintain needed distance while serving our customers. Our tools cleaned with disinfectants are safe to use. For any further emergency related to the garage door, you can contact us.