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Learn the New Garage Door Trends for 2019

Garage doors are one of the most important spaces of a household or any commercial property. A garage is not just a space for keeping your car but also serves as the main gate of several households and sometimes other valuable items are kept to keep it safe. Garages now also work as workshops, functional spaces for home storage, craft rooms and so on. That’s why people should take good care of it. Just think about how you use your garage space. As it is more than just keeping your cars, you must make it trendy. The garage and garage door is an extension of your living space. So, if you want to make it trendy, you must know about several factors. In this blog, we will discuss the New Garage Door Trends for 2019. Continue reading the article if you want to make your garage door trendy too.

New Garage Door Trends for 2019

Know about the new garage door trends for 2019
We have rounded up notable trends for 2019, and how they are carrying over to garage door styles.

Welcome the mid-century trend again!
Not all trends of 2019 are “new.” The mid-century style has been increasing since the last year. The trends at first started in interior design but for the demand of people garage door service providers like us have now started to make it go to the exterior. We also have special customised packages for our clients. The mid-century modern look is going to provide a fresh twist on the vintage look of the garage.

Add bold colours in your garage door
Show off your personality PROUD and LOUD by adding bold colours to your garage door. A statement colour like a bright red against muted tones like white can really add style to your house. You can contrast the colour with the walls or even your landscape. Still not sure if a bold colour will look good on your garage door? Let our service providers design it for you. This trend is considered the best New Garage Door Trends for 2019.

An eco-friendly solution
Be cooperative with Mother Nature with an eco-friendly door of your garage. These garage doors not only look very stylish but also help the earth at the same time. What else? Eco-friendly garage doors have the ability to lower your energy bills, enhance your overall curb appeal and lower maintenance costs.

Make your garage door with high-end technology
Another advantageous trend in 2019 is hooking up your garage door with all the newest technology. There are several garage door technologies that have invented. You must install those in order to make your garage doors trendier. Our qualified garage door technicians can simply install the latest system for you and make your house safer.
The Bigger your garage door is, The Better you will get advantaged
Several families are beginning to go for larger garage doors. Not only does it promote a bold look, but they are also ideal for keeping a larger vehicle. You may not have a large vehicle now but in future, you can think about buying a larger one if your garage door is big. Family cars tend to grow in size as families become bigger day by day. While parents may drive a smaller car at first, they often go for larger cars over time because they provide more space and hold additional people.

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