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How to Keep Your Home Secure Without Spending a Dime

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Your home is your castle, and your family your greatest asset, so you want to keep everything safe. But if you’ve priced home security systems lately, you might have felt your bank book cringe.

I’m not going to tell you not to buy an alarm system, but if you’re not at a point where you can invest thousands of dollars, and you just want to do a few things to make your home safer, this article is for you.
I’m going to give you a list of tips you can use to make your home safer without spending any money.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that burglars are lazy. Like most people, they want the highest reward with the least possible risk and effort. The more challenging you can make your house appear, the more likely the burglar is to pass on by and pick on somebody else (or–let’s hope–go away altogether). So, how do you make your home appear secure without screeching alarms, video surveillance cameras, barbed wire fences, and a yard full of Dobermans?

Here are your tips:
Trim shrubs back from doors and walkways (this ensures would-be thieves don’t have any shadowy nooks to hide in).

Lock your storage shed and don’t leave tools out in the yard (burglars can use ladders, shovels, etc. to gain access to your home).

Keep the lawn mowed and the exterior of the house maintained (a downtrodden appearance can suggest you are away from home a lot or that you just don’t care enough to worry about your house).

Plant thorny shrubs beneath first-story windows (if you wouldn’t want to climb through a tangle of thorns to reach an open window, chances are a burglar won’t either).

If an outdoor light burns out, change it right away.
Don’t display your valuables conspicuously (i.e. huge plasma TV on a living room wall that is visible from the street), as this only tempts thieves.

When you make new purchases (such as said plasma TV), don’t leave the boxes by the curb to announce your valuable acquisitions–break boxes down and stuff them in your recycling bin.

Don’t store house keys under the doormat, a rock, etc. (thieves are wise to all the tricks–if you always lose your keys, consider a fingerprint-activated lock instead).

Keep tree branches trimmed back from windows and your roof.
Make sure the garage doors are sturdy (no loose panels or damaged corners), especially if the garage is attached to the house.

Check your garage door opener if you haven’t changed it from the factory setting. There’s usually a row of 10-12 switches. If all except one is pointing the same direction, the combination is easy to break (the thief has a 1 in 10 or 1 in 12 chance of getting it).

Always shut and lock your doors when you leave the house.
Hopefully, these tips will help you make your home less of a target. Remember, home security is as much a matter of employing common sense as it is a bunch of expensive gadgets and gizmos.

50 Years of Power

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A carryover from 2004, the 2005 Ford Thunderbird was the last of its kind to be manufactured.
The last time it rolled off the Ford Motor Company’s manufacturing plants was also the time of the vehicle’s fiftieth anniversary.

This 2005 Ford Thunderbird is a luxury convertible that has been available in three trims that range from the Deluxe package to the 50th-anniversary package. It has the capacity to take in a maximum of two passengers, and sports two doors. Upon its introduction, this 2005 Ford Thunderbird model came equipped with a standard engine of 3.9 liters, V8, and 280 horsepower that could take in 18 mpg in the city, and 24 mpg on highway cruising. Also standard for this luxury convertible is a five-speed automatic transmission that has overdrive.

This last Thunderbird convertible to be produced still contains the cool and evocative styling that its descendants have bore. It also still holds its heritage of being a roadster with perennial style, loads of power, and great interior roominess and space. However, convertibles who have lived for fifty years also received changes so much so that the 2005 Ford Thunderbird sports an open-air driving, new colors for its interior and exterior, and a new aluminum trim for its doors and center stack.

As per the 2005 Ford Thunderbird’s interior, this vehicle comes with air conditioning with dual-zone automatic climate controls, a power tilt/telescope leather-wrapped steering wheel that has radio controls mounted on it, a cruise control, leather upholstery on 6-way power bucket seats, power mirrors, window locks, door locks, a remote keyless entry system, AM/FM/CD with an in-dash 6-disc changer, a power convertible top, a universal garage door opener, and automatic headlights. On the outside, this luxury convertible could be owned with a power-folding soft top with a heated rear window or with a removable hardtop with trademark porthole windows.

As per safety and security, this luxury convertible has made sure that these features are not overlooked. The vehicle has front airbags, side airbags, and a combination of head-and-chest side airbags, thus making the 2005 Ford Thunderbird the first convertible manufactured by Ford to come equipped with this. Aside from that, the vehicle also has an anti-theft system, the Ford’s Smart Locks system, the LATCH child seat system, a perimeter alarm that goes along with an LED indicator, and a glow-in-the-dark emergency trunk release handle.

All of Ford Thunderbird’s parts and Ford car parts needs could be easily located at Auto Parts Discount. Top of the line Ford Thunderbird parts and Ford auto parts could found here that are guaranteed to fit Ford vehicles. They also match the quality and performance of Ford vehicles.

In a nutshell, the 2005 Ford Thunderbird comes with new exterior colors that include bronze and medium steel blue that has replaced merlot, vintage mint green, and light ice blue metallic. Aside from that it also sports new partial interior color packages like medium steel blue and torch red. The convertible also has a new style using aluminum trim on its doors and center stack. And lastly, the 2005 Ford Thunderbird contains seatback map pockets for the owner’s use.

Gadgets for your garage

Garage Door Opener installation and

If you spend a lot of your time at home in your garage or if you want a clean and organized garage you need a few gadgets. Garage gadgets come in many forms and for different purposes.

For example, a stoplight for parking may come in handy for someone who has a problem with depth perception or for someone who comes home late from work and is very tired. If you have such problems, you need this tool. It is easy to install and use and it helps you to park the car in the same spot every time when the motion sensors are triggered.

If you need space on the walls next to the door, you can mount a garage door opener on the ceiling above the door to eliminate chains.

Bike storage is ideal in a garage for “hanging” your bike on a wall so you have easy access to it with the advantage of having more clear space in the garage.

If you have a lot more items in your garage than you really have Room for or the walls are full of shelves and cabinets, you definitely need additional storage devices like an overhead storage system mounted directly on the ceiling.

Garage Door Openers–Buy The Best Garage Door Opener Only

Buying the right garage door opener has not never been simpler. Whether you want to buy one for residential use or commercial use read the tips below and buy the garage door opener which ideally suits you.
Also opening the garage door opener has been a big problem until now but the new technology now ensures that it’s no more a big problem.
Electric power is the most extensively used fuel for opening the garage door opener.
Also, what will you do when the power fails. Although not a routine problem who will predict the ever-unpredictable weather changes, lightning, and more.

If the power failure is your problem and it’s a recurrent problem then we recommend 2500/3500 – DC Motor Belt Drive with EverCharge Battery Backup System. It’s made by the Liftmaster professional. It can work for full 20 cycles 24 hours a day. Now no more outing in the bad weather just because your garage door opener fails to open.
Also, the new addition has been the new motion-detecting control panels built by many leading companies now.
Consider the warranty for all these garage door openers. Always enquire if it has a lifetime warranty. Most of the time there is a lifetime warranty on the belt and motor only but not on the battery which may have a warranty for 1-3 years.

Commercial Vs Residential Garage door openers

Commercials are used many times a day but residential may be used not so often. And therefore we highly recommended that while selecting a commercial garage door opener always go for the one which is more heavily built and extremely durable.
You have belt-drive, screw drive, and chain drive models. So select the one most ideal for you.
The last aspect I want to cover is who will fit it?
You have 2 options here. You can either fir it yourself if you have the time and patience to do it or hire a professional to do the job for you.
Visit our site for all the information on garage door openers and use our resource center to make the best buying decision.

How Much Will It Cost To Enclose Your Carport So It Will

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How much will it cost to enclose your carport so it will be a garage?
If you live in the southern United States, there’s a good chance that your house has a garage because back in the ’60s and 70’s builders were trying to save money any way they could so instead of investing additional money in a garage door and door opener, they built carports.
If you want the security and privacy of a garage and you currently have a carport, I have good news. You can enclose a carport very easily and for less money than you might think.
Before you run to the Home Depot to buy the materials, there are a few things that you need to consider first.
You need to look at your carport to determine how many walls you will need to build. If your carport is enclosed except for the back, then you will only need to build one wall and your job will be much easier and less expensive.
It’s pretty obvious if you need to build one wall or two. All you need to do is to look at your carport and see if the back and one side of your carport is open. If they are then you will have to build two walls instead of one. If you only have one side open, you will need to build one wall and your costs will be significantly lower to do the work.
But don’t get discouraged if you do have to build two walls because the good news is that you don’t have to add an additional roof or foundation.
These areas are the most expensive parts of any structure. So when I say two walls double your cost, it does not total up to more than $400 – $600 extra.
Once you’ve decided how many walls you need to build to enclose your carport then you are ready to develop an estimate of what it will cost to complete your project.
Estimating the cost of your project is really easy. First, you need to make a list of the materials that you will need and then send your list to a local lumber yard to get prices.
Here are some items that you will need to convert your carport into a garage:
2 x 4’s or 2 x 6’s- for studs in walls
Pressure-treated 2 x 4s – for the bottom of the wall (bottom plate)
Garage door complete with track and opener
CDX plywood or chip board-for sheathing (to enclose garage)
CDX plywood, pegboard, etc – for the inside of wall insulation
Vinyl siding or brick veneer
Once you get the price for the materials add approximately 25% for profit and don’t forget to add tax for your area.
Now you need to calculate how much time (labor) it will take to enclose your carport. The number of hours needed will depend on how complicated your project is. You can reasonably expect the project to take 3-4 days for 2-3 men. A good framing carpenter should easily be able to frame and sheath your project at this time. You can use $30-35 per hour for each man-hour that is worked.
Get a price from a garage door installation company to install the garage door because it requires expertise and special knowledge for the garage door to operate properly. It will be worth the money you pay them, trust me.
Next, you need to call a garage door company to get a price to provide and install the garage door. A garage door can be a little tricky to install and you don’t want to take a chance on installing it incorrectly and having it come down on your car or injure somebody. You’ll be glad you hired a pro to do this part of your project. You aren’t going to save much money anyway because they get wholesale pricing on the doors and you won’t.
All you have to do now is add the labor, materials, and subcontracted cost (the garage door installation) and the profit, you will get a good picture of how much the project to enclose your garage will cost.
If you have a contractor do the work turnkey for you, expect to pay from $3000 to $8,000 depending on what area of the country you are in and the construction of your house.

Home Security

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It is a well-known fact, that satisfactory lighting is a very valuable deterrent to crime. Whatever lighting might help reduce your risk of becoming a victim, the right lights, utilized properly will be the effective deterrent to burglars and other intruders and improve your home security.
Outside lights are critically important, especially near doorways and at the rear of your residence, where break-ins typically occur. All-round security lighting that is set-up high out of reach, and is tamper-proof, will greatly improve your home security and help to protect your home.
Lighting in carports and garages is critical. An automatic garage opener is the best choice. All the best garage door openers fitted today use a light that operates when the opener is activated, lighting the garage interior. In carports, it’s best to leave a light on permanently, have a light on a timer, or use a motion sensor to activate the light.
It is best to use a motion detector on all exterior lights that are not left switched on. The principal benefit of this for home security, especially in the backyard, is that the light warns you that someone is in your yard. When there can be some problem that dogs, cats, or even birds will trigger off the sensor and cause the lights to come on if you set the sensitivity of the sensor right this will not be an issue. In the front yard, any type of lighting will be efficient, but make sure that the lighting design covers the entire front and sides of the home. Sensors can be utilized however they will be prone to “false alarms” induced by things like people walking down the sidewalk, or also kids playing.
Whenever you go out for the evening, I suppose that like most people you leave a light on, the Police call these lights “burglar beacons”. A burglar beacon is a single light that is left on so you do not return to a dark home when you get back.
Regrettably, these lights are a sign for the burglar that you are out. When you go out for the evening or away on holiday make certain several lights are left on, in different parts of the home, and furthermore a radio, put them on timers, from the exterior your house should look as if someone is home at all times to improve your home security.
That’s it for this time; in the next article, we will look at sorting out the doors on your home.

Garage Door Openers – I Can Not Imagine Life Without Them

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A Garage door opener is a piece of equipment used for opening and closing garage doors.
Most models are remotely controlled. Garage door openers are simple but extremely useful devices. So much so, that it’s hard to imagine living without them now.

The first garage door opener consisted of a radio transmitter, a receiver, and an actuator to open or close the door. In this, the receiver would detect a change in the amplitude and would open or close the door. However, there was a security concern with these kinds of garage door openers. They could be opened by anybody with a transmitter. Also, there were accidental openings of garage doors by neighbors trying to open their doors. The later door openers used a shared frequency to overcome the accidental opening by other users. Using dipswitches a total of 256 combinations were made to prevent interference from other garage door openers. However, the security issue was still not overcome.

The present-day garage door openers use rolling frequency or hopping code technology. In these, the frequency of opening looks ahead type, which means every time the door is opened then the next time the door will be opened by another frequency.

The technology for garage door openers is fairly simple. Three kinds are used, chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive. Chain drives are noisy as they use a metallic chain along with a metal trolley. However, they are fairly cheap about $130 Screw drives consist of a threaded lead screw. They start at about $150 The newer models consist of plastic-lined tracks to reduce the noise and increase the speed of opening. Belt drives are the costliest and the quietest. They begin at about $170

There is a misconception that the lifting is done by the door opener. However, the actual lifting is done by the springs. When the door is closed the springs come into tension. When the door is being opened the spring does most of the lifting. There are two types of linear expansion springs and torsional springs. Garage door openers are of two types, jackshaft type, and trolley type. The jackshaft type occupies less space. The trolley type consists of a trolley attached to the door and also to the motor. This occupies space in the ceiling but is more popular because it is safer. In the jackshaft type, it is difficult to sense when someone is being crushed under the door. There are two types of motors available, AC and DC. AC is more common but DC has many advantages. It consumes less electricity, the speed is easily controlled, and makes less noise.

There are some models that auto-reverse in case of obstruction like a pet or a child. The remotes usually operate up to a distance of 150 feet. The remote can be used to switch on the light of the garage also. Most garage door openers come with a keypad, which can be installed outside the garage. This is used to open the garage if the remote batteries are down or the user has forgotten the remote. Most garage door openers allow emergency release so that the door can be opened manually in case of power failures.

For every homeowner, safety is the basic thing that comes in mind when it’s about using a garage door. When you have an old-aged garage door in your home, children’s security becomes the top priority here. You should aware of the problems that may occur when they play or wander near the garage door.

Don’t worry! Today’s post comes with a few simple but effective tips that can offer you peace of mind. You can apply these ideas to keep your kids or family safe from the garage door. Scroll down the page to learn more!


Follow the tips below to keep your children safe

Have you found your children often wandering in front of the garage door or playing with the remote? Follow these six easy ideas to prevent any mishaps. Such as:

Keep the remote away:

A garage door remote is a valuable accessory for the homeowner, whereas it can prove as a grave danger at the same time. Your kids may play with it thinking as a toy that can make someone a victim of crashing under the garage door. So, make sure to keep a close watch on the remote.

Stop from touching the button:

Your kids can enjoy a fascination by pressing the button that operates the garage door movement. To avoid any further accidents, try to keep them at least five feet away from touching it.

A regular garage door maintenance:

You can avoid a continuous repair of your garage door if maintained it every day or at least thrice a week. And, it becomes more important when you have children at home.

For example, many kids fascinate the garage door as an amusement park ride. So, any broken spring can crash it down that can put them a risk. Maintain the garage door regularly and call a professional if you find any disturbance.

Don’t allow to play in the garage:

A garage is not a playground. So, don’t allow any child to enter there and play with the garage door or remote. Otherwise, it can be a misfortune being underneath an open garage door.


For kids, it’s quite fascinating how a garage door moves up and down just by a click of a button. And, in such conditions, they can keep their hands unknowingly in the tracks that can be dangerous for them. Their fingers and hands can get pinched and injured badly. So, keep them away from the door as much as possible.

Make rules:

Our kids learn wherever they see doing us. So, make sure to follow all the safety rules mentioned above while using a garage door. Otherwise, our ignorance can lead our kids to danger and end up facing accidents. Advise them on good practices in this regard.

During regular maintenance, if you find any disturbance in garage door parts, don’t take a risk to operate it. Call our technicians now to fix the problem as soon as possible. For further info related to the garage door and its maintenance, you can follow our blog page today!

A garage is an inseparable part of our home. And, when we are talking about the garage door, safety comes first to our mind. If you find it running incorrectly, it’s a matter of concern. If you avoid calling the professionals for garage door repair, the chances of burglary or unwanted approaches can increase.

But, when it’s about garage door repair, there arise plenty of questions among homeowners. They concern with the garage door issues and its expenses. You may often find some frequently asked questions in this regard. What are they? Let’s explore here.



The most common FAQs about garage door repair

Is your garage door not working properly? If yes, it’s time to call a technician. But before that, you can go through the following questions and meet your queries regarding garage door repair. Such as follows:

What is the charge for garage door repair?

No matter what the garage door has stopped working or there is any broken spring, don’t waste time. The average repair cost can be around $250 and the highest can go about $600. The charges can differ due to the style and issues of your garage door.

How much do you need to pay for garage door replacement?

If a continuous repair cannot fix your garage door, it’s best to replace it. The average cost of garage door replacement can be near about $1070. And, the maximum price is around $2000.

How much does it cost for changing the garage door wheel?

The costs of the garage door wheels depend on the package you choose. If you prefer to go affordable, you can look for 10 packs that will cost about $15 to $18. Again, 2 packs will come in $5 to $9. But, the charge can go higher if the quality is your top priority.

Why the garage door is not opening?

If your garage door is facing interruption when you open it, there can be several reasons. It can be a broken cable or loose torsion springs, separated tracks, and so on. A disturbance in the power source can be another possibility. So, make sure to test the circuits and outlets.

How much is the cost of garage door cable?

If you find your garage door closing quickly than before, the reason can be a broken cable. Generally, the cable cost is affordable whereas the labor charge can be around $150 to $200 if you call a professional technician.


Why isn’t the garage door closing?

The most common reason for an inoperable garage door can be the interruption in sensors. Sometimes, you can find the garage door opener mechanism to flash. Make sure that a beam of infrared light hasn’t blocked. Otherwise, any accident can occur if one enters the garage.

If you have still any questions further in this regard, you can contact our professionals. They are skilled and trained to fix any garage door issues. Also, you can visit our blog page to know more details about the garage door issues and its solutions.

For every homeowner, it’s vital to maintain every item of their house. From the refrigerator to the washing machine, they call the professionals at least twice a year for their maintenance. But, do you maintain your garage door? Most of us often overlook this item that we operate at least 5 times a day.

Don’t avoid the necessity of your garage door. For many people, it’ a second alternative to entering their homes. No matter you forget the keys or the door lock gets jammed, you need not wait the entire night outside your home. On the flip, if you keep it open all night long, some uninvited guests can step in and take your car for a ride, and never come back. So, do you still say that a garage door isn’t important for you?

And, to keep it running for the long years, you need to pay attention to its maintenance. A faulty garage door can result in your injury a burglary at your home. That’s why you should take garage door service at least twice a year to verify its condition.

How garage door is important according to the statistic?

Find time at least once a week to inspect your garage door thoroughly. For example, check whether the door is opening closing in the right order or the remote works well. It will help you to prevent injury and burglary at your home. A broken garage door is a threat to the safety of your family.

Now, have a glance at the following statistics to know how important a garage door is for your home. Such as:


So, can you ideate the importance of garage door maintenance and repair? But, make sure not to try it on your own. For further assistance, you can call our professionals. They are trained and know well how to fix your garage door issues with no more damage.