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Most of us often overlook the garage door maintenance even if we use it five times a day. When you are not maintaining the garage door properly, it creates loud and squeaky noise.

A noisy door indicates that it’s time to grease it well. Otherwise, you can face further serious issues in the long run that may lead you to high repair bills. But, with proper lubrication, you can extend the life of your garage door and mitigate the risks.

steps to lubricate the garage door

A few simple steps to lubricate the garage door

Let’s start lubricating the garage door by following the steps below. Such as:

Step 1: Clean the track

  • No matter what your garage door is manual or remote-operated, close it. Hence, you can access the moving parts and tracks of the garage door.
  • Make sure to cut the power to the garage door before starting lubrication.
  • To operate the garage door correctly, keep the tracks clean. Wipe down the inside of the tracks so that there leaves no dirt and debris.
  • After cleaning the inside of the tracks with a damp rag, it’s time to vacuum the dust from here. If the door is still getting stuck in the tracks, vacuuming is a great way to reach the deeper porting inside it.

Step 2: lubrication of moving parts

Cleaning the tracks don’t make your task over here. It’s time to lubricate the moving parts of the garage door to complete the maintenance. Here are the steps:

  • Let’s start by buying a lithium-based grease to clean the rest of the moving parts of your garage door. Also, you can look for garage door lube. It’s better to avoid oil because the dirt and debris can get stuck to the door.
  • This time, you need to keep your garage door open manually so that you can spray each hinge met to the tracks. It will smoothen the moving parts and you can open or close the door with ease.
  • Now, it’s time to lubricate the rollers and springs that operate the garage door while opening and closing it. To keep the door function smoothly, grease the small ball bearings inside the rollers and outside of the springs.
  • Also, spray on the top of the rail and lock with the armbar.

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