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Why Get A Garage Door Opener Pro?

A garage door opener pro is the ultimate convenience for homeowners. It allows you to protect your car during inclement weather and makes your vehicle more secure. A garage door opener pro also improves the value of your home.

A garage door opener is a motorized device that doors by the switches installed on the sidewalls of the door. It has automated the whole system of opening and closing your door using simple remote controls or, as times have changed, even mobile phone apps.

So whether you are looking to increase security or curb appeal, a new door opener is a no-brainer.

Features Of A Garage Door Opener Pro To Consider:

  • Automatic reversing feature

An automatic reversing feature has become essential to avoid any sorts of injuries and hazards. There have been several injuries and incidents that have been caused due to the door closing without any awareness and precaution; so having a door opener with an automatic reversing feature is essential.

  • Rolling code technology

The key to a secure garage door opener service is rolling code technology. Every time you use your garage door opener remote, your remote and your opener randomly choose a new code; with over a million possible codes available. This maximizes your security to the greatest extent.

  • Garage door manual release system

A manual release is an essential feature of garage door openers. The manual release allows you to disconnect the garage door opener from the door; giving you the ability to open the door by hand.

While doors are heavy, the spring system offers enough counter-balance that an adult can easily lift the door by hand. The manual release feature is crucial because even if you ever suffer a power loss; you may still need access to your garage.

Although, you need to keep in mind that a thief may even take advantage of this and thus get access to your home.

  • Battery backups

Manual releases are helpful in the event of an extended power outage, and battery back-ups are another way to ensure that your garage door continues to function during a temporary power outage.

However, there are limits to the number of times you can operate your door opener in battery backup mode so keep that in consideration.

  • Horsepower

Horsepower is another consideration for a door opener as well. The key is to get your horsepower levels exactly right. If your horsepower is too high, your garage door opener pro won’t be energy efficient.

It would be like using a forklift to carry around a single suitcase. If you do not have enough horsepower, you will overwork your garage door opener, causing unnecessary wear and tear.

  • Security lights

Your garage door opener pro should always have a security light. This is usually part of the central unit and turns on automatically when the door opener is activated. Security lights provide you with many assurances.

Garages tend to be cluttered and filled with potentially hazardous obstacles. If you were to come home at night and exit your car door without light, you could injure yourself by looking for the light switch on the wall. A security light also helps deter intruders in these regards.

Garage Door Opener Remotes Not Working? Here’s Why:

One of the most common reasons for door opener remotes to stop working is a dead battery. However, if all the door openers stop working simultaneously, the door antenna is most likely not attached correctly, or the door opener itself needs to be reset.

You can troubleshoot and check this out by making sure nothing is blocking the transmitter signal, all the batteries are working, and that your antenna is properly and securely attached.

Security – A Priority At All Times:

The importance of security over time has only led to an increasing need for top-of-the-line garage door opener pro. At Supreme Garage Door Repair, we always keep your safety to be our highest priority.

We ensure that our experts are fully trained and provide you with the premium products in the market that fulfill your needs and the top garage door opener repair service.

Choosing Supreme Garage Door Repair – Ensuring Efficiency And Top Quality

At Supreme Garage Door Repair, we ensure that we are always efficient and professional in whatever work we do throughout Texas. Our team of professionals has undergone intense training.

This has led to them having enough knowledge to understand any trouble your door has faced and solve them for you in an instant anytime and any day. So call us today and take advantage of the top services in Texas.

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