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Well, you cannot predict a natural disaster and the worst part is you can’t control them. And, when you have a garage space on your premises, it’s vital to protect it. Otherwise, it can damage the car interior and the garage door mechanism as well. So, do you know how to maintain the garage door in heavy rainfalls?

If you are concerned about the same issues, today’s post is for you. The following passages contain some easy steps to protect your garage door. Have a glance here!

Garage Door Maintenance in Rainfalls

Tips to keep your garage door safe

Here are a few simple tricks to save your garage door and space in your premises. Such as follows:

Install vents

If you find water to enter your garage space, vent installation is the best alternative. It may seem counterintuitive, but for a fast drain out, vents are highly effective. This boosts the drainage process and prevents water from getting stuck in the garage space. Also, it saves your garage door from getting rust and jammed.

Inspecting the driveways

Have you checked the foundation of the driveways and garage of your premises? Make sure to inspect whether or not there are cracks. If you find so, repair it right away. Also, you should check the garage door and the foundation of the space. If there is any hole or damage in the garage door, call the professionals for garage door repair service.

Check the drainage

Blocked drainage can cause flooding during heavy rainfalls. Be sure to check the garage door system and test its mechanism. Also, verify the driveways at the same time.

Replace the weather-stripping

Does your garage door have the weather-stripping system? If not, make sure to install it as soon as possible. It helps to prevent flooding, snow, wind-driven rain, dust from entering under the garage door.

On the flip, if you have an old and cracked garage door weather-stripping, don’t take a risk. Call our professionals and replace or install them now!

Turning off the power

Does your garage door opener require electricity to operate the garage door? If yes, turn the power box off when there occurs flooding. It will help to prevent the electrocution and further damage to your premises. Also, you can keep your family safe.

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