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Now, you need not invest you so much effort to open your garage door regularly in the manual order. As time advances, modern technology is improving by days. Now, the operating garage door is just a matter of a click until the battery works.

If anytime you require to change the remote battery of your garage door and you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. By following these simple steps, you can get your system back and make it ready to use. How? Let’s get your answer in the passages below.


Some easy steps to follow while replacing garage door remote battery

When it comes to a garage door remote, the methods of replacing battery differs for different models. However, no matter which remote model do you have, the following step can make the task easy for you. Such as follows:

What’s your remote model?

Yes, most remotes follow a similar process for the battery replacement. Still, it’s best to know detailed info about its model that may allow you to get any help in this regard. You can follow the user’s manual if you have. Check which unit you are using and which type of battery it requires. Now, it’s time to remove the cover for the next step.

Open the cover

No matter which type of remote you use, you have to remove the cover on its back. Well, few remotes require a screwdriver to open it, and some models have only sliding backing to cover up the battery. After removing the protective plat, you can recognize the battery for your remote model.

Remove the old batteries

Make sure to take out the old batteries and set it aside so that you can dispose of it after replacing it with the new one. And, don’t forget to keep the batteries away from your children and pets.


Now fix the new batteries within the chamber of the remote. Pay attention to the correct ends of it while inserting them within the socket. Check the positive and negative signs before the installation and cover it up once you have done it.


Reinstalling the program

Now, it’s time to reprogram your remote. Follow the step below:

  • Set a ladder next to your garage door and climb it up safely with your remote.
  • Find a LEARN button on your garage door and press it.
  • After releasing it, a light on the opener will blink for 30 seconds that indicates LEARN function activation.
  • Now press the button of your remote and hold until the light on your operator blinks again.
  • Release the button if the signal has connected. You can hear the sound of two blinks or find a light flashing many times on the operator.

Well, it’s best to look for a reputable garage door repair company for any further issues. The professional team can help you out to fix the problems within a few hours. For any other garage door needs, you can contact our experts and visit our official website.