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You often find that you are trying for a long day to open your garage door and it doesn’t reply. And, its repeated breakdown indicates a bad sign that your garage door needs repair. However, there comes to some issues when you just need to replace the part and sometimes the entire door. So, is the garage door beyond repair? The following checklist can help out in this regard. And, in the end, you have to find a reputable garage door repair service.


What are the tasks you need to conduct?

When a garage door stops performing in the right order, a few signs show whether they are as far good condition to be repaired or not. Before calling an expert, you can test your garage door by conducting a few tasks. Such as follows:

Check the springs

When did you change the sporing for the last time? If it has been five years of it, let’s start from here. Here are the signs of a broken garage door spring. Such as follows:

  • When your gate door makes a sound while opening or closing it.
  • If the door partially open while attempting to operate.
  • When you open or close your garage door, it moves slower than usual.
  • When one side of your garage door is higher than the other, check the springs whether they are still intact.

Find the obstructions

There can be a few chances that any small stuff or dirt is preventing the garage door from operating. Opt for the damage or rocks if there’s anything stuck in the system. For example, you can check into rollers, tracks, hinges, and many more places. Besides, fallen off pulley cables can be an obstruction here.

Is the door on the track?

Make sure that your garage door is still aligning on the track in the right order. If you find something improper, such as the door has fallen off the track, it’s best to call a garage door technician. They have the right equipment to move the door to avoid further damage to the system.

Check the photo-eye sensors

Sometimes, the dirty lenses and misaligned beams can prevent your garage door from functioning. Well, you may not have an idea that the door has its eyes. The photo-eyes are a part of a mechanism of your garage door that keeps your home safe. It helps the people, pets, or your car from getting hit under the door while closing. Try to clean them with dry towels and make sure they are aligned to the door.

broken garage door need repair

Replace the remote batteries

The easiest solution can be changing the batteries of the garage door remote while not working perfectly. Even after changing the battery, if the garage door doesn’t open correctly, there can be a problem in the opener.

Well, among the above tasks, a homeowner can perform changing batteries and aligning photo-eyes on their own.  But, for other tasks, it’s best to look contact our experts in this regard. For more details, you can visit our blog page as well.