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For every home, operating a garage door is an inseparable part of daily routine. While using it in the correct order, this system is convenient for your property. However, you need to know that even a garage door can be harmful to your family’s safety.


So, before any mishaps occur, check out these safety tips and make your family aware of these as well.


Most garage door injuries happen because of overlooking the simple garage-related rules. It will be better to stay alert rather than feeling sorry later. These are a few common sense that you need to follow while operating a garage door.

  1. For little and tiny kiddos, an open garage door is a medium of free ride that can lead them to any severe accidents or injury. Make sure to prevent and teach your children that the garage door is not a toy to play with it.
  2. While the garage door is in the motion, make sure to stand at least a foot away from it. If the reverse feature of your garage door stops working, it can be harmful to you and your family.
  3. You may know that the garage door panels have small gaps that can lead you to a serious pinching hazard. So, remind your kids and family not to stick or place fingers between the panels while the door is in motion.
  4. Never share your entry password of the garage door with anyone. Remind your family not to tell the password even to your kids and his friends. It can prevent them from operating the garage door on their own.


There’s an emergency reverse feature in the most garage door system that helps to avoid an accident. It uses two photo eyes to determine if there’s anything or anyone in the way of the door. Make sure to check the mechanism at least twice a month.

For example, place a roll of paper or towel in the doorway and close it. If the garage door hits the object and reverse, the system is performing perfectly. Otherwise, you need to call a professional garage door repair company.


A damaged garage door is a threat to the security of your home. It can lead your family to severe injuries and accidents. Make sure to visit our experts if you find your garage door malfunctioning.


Any damaged, rusted or worn parts of the garage door can prevent it from functioning properly. Inspect your garage door daily to ensure that it works correctly.


Keep your garage door closed while not using it. So, it cannot hurt anyone if not being in motion.

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If you are facing any garage door related issues, contact our experts. We are offering garage door services even during this COVID 19 pandemic. Our professionals maintain all safety measures, such as washing hands with sanitizer, keeping a required distance from the customers, and cleaning the tools with disinfectants, and so on. Feel free to call us today!