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Most people pay little attention to the garage door and its maintenance. Spring is an essential part of the opener that helps in opening and closing the garage door. It is the prime reason that you should pay some attention to your garage door springs as well. Besides, appoint professionals for garage door services at least twice a year.
If you are facing any issues with a garage door, there may arise some problems with the door spring. Well, if there is any minor issue, you can fix it on your own. Gain some knowledge about garage door springs in this respect.

garage door spring safety


Check out few details about garage door springs

First, know what type of garage door springs you have. There are two types of springs such as side-mounted extension springs and torsion springs. It is easy for you to adjust any side-mounted spring, while for torsion springs, you need to contact us.


Now let’s know some details about different springs installed in your garage door.

Extension springs

You find Side-mounted extension springs to run parallel and above
the door track. The pulley and cable hold the extension springs to keep it attached to the hooks with the track hanger assembly. There are two extension springs. One is above, and the other is on either side of the garage door.


Torsion springs

While facing issues with raising and lowering the garage door, don’t overlook torsion springs. The springs mounted on above the door run parallel along with a metal shaft on the door-top. You can recognize the door spring type by its measurement. Here, the mechanism is used only for 10 feet wide doors. If you have a smaller and lighter door, there will be a single torsion spring. On the flip, bigger and heavier doors contain two torsion springs on either side of the central plate.


How will you understand that door springs need repair?

Here, we have mentioned some signs that you often avoid or take it casually. These signs help you figure out the ways to adjust and fix the springs.

• Facing difficulties to open and close door
• A door opens and falls faster.
• You cannot close the door appropriately.
• There leaves a gap.
• The door closes haphazardly.


Now depending on your problem, you can determine the solutions.

What are they? Let’s learn below:

1. You need to decrease the tension if your garage door is not opening and closing totally. You can use this tip if the door opens faster.
2. If you face difficulties while opening the door and the door comes down faster, increase the tension.
3. Isn’t your garage door closing evenly? Adjust the tension on the side where you find the gap.


For more tips on how to adjust a garage door spring, carry on reading more spring related blogs. If you face any garage door related issues, visit us. Our experts can offer you the best services in this respect.

Garage door openers undoubtedly make our task more convenience to open it. Just a click and the door opens automatically. You no need to get out of your car even in a harsh weather. However, advanced technology can make it far better. You can make your garage door a smarter one with Wi-Fi connection. You can experience several advantages by installing a Wi-Fi connected garage door opener. Here are just a few of them.

Accessible from anywhere

Yes, opening your garage door from the driveway is great. But to access it from anywhere is incomparable. It’s just beyond your imaginary world. For instance, you are on a trip in Hawaii beach or in a business conference by leaving your garage opened. What now??? Your vehicle can be theft or damaged by someone. It may spend you bucks at a higher rate. Don’t worry!!! You can control your garage door from anytime anywhere. You just need to carry your Smartphone or tablet along with Internet device. So, just get relaxed and enjoy your vacation with no stress!!! Isn’t it amazing!!!

Manage the garage door lights

Garage door lights play an essential role in providing safety, convenience and security. You can easily make a schedule for your garage door lights through your Smartphone. For example, you don’t need light in the morning. In addition, you may not be available at home. So, you need to keep your lights turned off. But what’s about the night!!! It’s the time to turn it on again.

So, what don’t you schedule it??? You just need you install a smart garage door opener with a Wi-Fi connection. After a certain day time, the garage door lights will automatically turn on just for added security. Hence, you need to operate it daily from the car in the driveway.

Garage door openers

Keeping you in the loop

The best thing of the smart garage door is to get you notify if someone tries to open the door. It helps you to learn about the safety and security of your vehicle along with the home. You just need to sign up and turn the push notification feature on. It will help you keep an eye to your garage door and assure its safety. Ina fact, call the police whenever you feel it’s the high time.

Garage door delivery

Well, are you a fan of Amazon delivery or some other online delivery package??? If yes, the smart garage door is the ideal option for you. Your delivery can be at your doorstep anytime. And it’s not mandatory that you will be available at home right then?? Right?? In fact, it may be possible that there is no one to pick it up. So, what’s the solution??? You may not prefer to let them back without delivering your parcel. Then, install a Wi-Fi connected smart garage door. In fact, no one can steal your package from the porch again.

Say, Key by Amazon allows the prime members to enable it. It can be considered the safest way to deliver products on the market. Just sync your account and download Key app. The drivers of amazing delivery will keep your parcel inside your garage door with ease. Hence, no one can mess up with your packages until it’s within your garage door. Look no further!!! Come and deal with us!!!