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Most homeowners use garage doors at least four to five times a day. It’s calculative that you operate the garage door about 1000 to 1500 times throughout the year. Hence, there are a lot of chances to get injured if you don’t pay attention to your safety while using the garage door.


Apart from this, the reports of the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) show that every year over 15000 people need emergency treatment because of garage door injuries. Hence, being a garage door owner, you need to take care of your family’s safety. Have a look at these proven tips to keep your loved ones safe while using the garage door.


Check the Safety Sensors

Have you found the safety sensors for the garage door? Well, it is about six inches off the ground attached to the rails. Here, the garage door goes up and down while operating. The safety sensors can sense a person or pets walking underneath the garage door that prevents it from abrupt closing.

To maintain the safety measure, let’s check the sensors of your garage door. The steps mentioned below you can follow. Such as:

• Push the closing button of your garage door first.

• Now, put an object in front of any of the sensors. Make sure to apply this trick before the door closes.

• If the sensors perform correctly, the door should stop right there and reverse once after the beam blocks. If you don’t find the same thing to happen, it’s time to visit a qualified garage door repair company in Texas.


Watch Your Fingers

Most garage owners injure by getting stuck their fingers in between the garage doors. According to NEISS, every year, over 7,500 injuries happen in this way. Try to go for those new garage doors that contain ‘pinch protection.’ It reduces the risk of these injuries. Well, make sure to guide your kids not to put their hands in between panels of the garage door while closing.

Give Your Garage Door a Monthly Inspection

You should pay attention to the garage door springs. Make sure that it remains strong enough to lift the heavy door and prevent it from a sudden fall. Check them at least once a month whether the springs remain rust-free or not.
If you find them in poor condition, call the professionals for garage door spring replacement.

Apart from this, you should take a glance at the pulley system that prevents accidents from sudden garage door spring snapping. Well, remember that garage door springs remain under a ton of tension. Hence, it will be better to contact a trained technician in this regard.


Get a Garage Door Professional

After all, you want to keep safe yourself and your family. Hence, take an initial step to contact skilled and professional technicians for garage door repairs. They all have safety training that makes them aware of all the upgraded products and technologies. If your garage door becomes a matter of concern, our technicians can help you out.

There is no gainsaying that DIY tips can save you thousands of bucks when it comes to any home-related issues. However, safety becomes a serious concern if it’s about garage door repair. Try to avoid DIY tips when you find any problem in this regard. Look for a professional garage door repair company near you. The key reason to appoint experts is to reduce the risk of injuries. Besides, you have little training and knowledge that requires applying proper tools to fix the issues.

Well, before approaching any professional, you need to get acquainted with the signs that denote your garage door needs maintenance.

how to maintain your garage door

When to repair your garage door

Are you experiencing some issues with your garage door? Don’t worry! It is not the time to replace it. If the following problems occur, you can look for a professional to fix them instead of replacing the entire door.

  1. Does your garage door stop work suddenly? Well, your initial step will be applying DIY tips to avoid spending bucks on professionals. It can damage your door further. Hence, it is better to appoint them.
  2. When you feel your garage door being heavy, the issues are in the mechanism. You should have enough knowledge to identify the problems even if you follow DIY tips. A leading repair company can offer you the best quality garage door service as per the issue.
  3. The probable reasons for such issues are the malfunction in the mechanism of a garage door. Without proper training and knowledge, you cannot recognize and repair the problems that occurred.

dont use DIY tips to repair your garage door springs

Probable reasons for the garage door issues

Well, if you have purchased a bunch of tools and get ready to repair your garage door, it’s not that easy. The DIY videos cannot help you in this regard. Only a professional can identify the garage door mechanism issues. The probable reasons are:

Torsion springs

If you find the garage door fallen faster, the reason may be a broken torsion spring. Please do not attempt to repair it on your own. Our experts are here to help you out.

Door rollers

Is your garage door making weird sounds? Have you found the rollers falling apart? It is time to repair or replace them where you cannot apply DIY tricks.

Door cables

If you find the lift cable fell out of the groove, visit a professional now. It can make the garage door thrown out of alignment. Do not open or close the door in such a situation.


Broken or cracked hinges? Don’t waste time looking into videos on Google. DIY tricks can damage it further.

Opener repair

Does your garage door open and close itself? If it is not closing fully or running at all, the door opener needs repair. A broken opener can turn your hassle to hazard. Hence, it is better to appoint a professional instead of applying DIY tricks.

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We have experience in offering garage door service for years. The increased demands show our excellence. If you are looking for a garage door repair service, visit us in the areas we serve.

3 Smart Garage Door Springs Maintenance Tips You Should Know

A garage door comprises several delicate parts, and every part is important to retain the functionality of the door. Garage door springs are one of those crucial parts that need regular maintenance. Otherwise, they might become dangerous and can create any fatal accident at any point in time. Therefore, if you want to prevent the unwanted mishap, caused by an ill-functioning garage door spring, have a look at the adjoined passage. Do yourself a favor and Let’s know about some helpful Garage Door Springs Maintenance Tips. Here are some effective spring maintenance tips that might help. Check them out.

Some effective garage door springs maintenance tips

Some effective garage door springs maintenance tips

The main purpose of garage door springs is to lift the door. There are basically two types of garage door springs are available on the market. Such as torsion springs and extension springs. There is no doubt, both of them need a regular maintenance and care. Maintaining the doors regularly will help you keep your garage entrance in the best working condition. In the passage attached below, we discuss some helpful maintenance tips. Read them carefully.

Lubricate the springs

Springs break easily because of metal fatigue and corrosion. The life span of the springs shorten for this reason Lubricating the springs at a regular basis enhance the life span of the springs. Annual maintenance of the spring by with right lubricities can prevent damage effectively. Don’t forget to follow this useful Garage Door Springs Maintenance Tip at any cost.

Inspect the pulleys and lift cables

It is important to check the lift cables and pulleys that attach to the bottom roller brackets on the door. These parts work as the connection between the springs and help the door to lift and lower the door safely. As said earlier, generally garage doors have of two different types of springs. Extension springs are long springs that run alongside the horizontal portion of each garage entrance. Torsion springs are accumulated to a metal rod above the door opening.

However, it is important to have a keen eye on all the parts that are attached to springs. This effective spring maintenance tip will help you a lot. By the way, it is better not to touch springs and cables by your own, since both of them consist of high tension parts. Instead, call a garage door experts if any problem occurs.

Don’t ignore the Spring Brackets

Last but not the least, it is another important tip you should remember. Springs remain attached to brackets on the bottom of the garage door. Just like springs, these brackets also go through harsh wear and tears and require frequent maintenance. Therefore, along with the door, don’t forget to take care of the springs.

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