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When it comes to Midwest, the summer is indeed quite hotter and humid than other places. And, this increases the demand for air conditioners to the homeowners that make you feel comfortable and relax even in the hot blazing days.

On the flip, the over usage of air conditioner maximizes the energy bills of your home and office. So what’s the solution? Well, your garage door can help you out here. Let’s find a reputable garage door service to make it summer-proof.

If still, you are on the fence and not getting the point, go through the tips suggested below. It will help you keep your garage comfortable both in summer and winter. Hence, you need not pay high energy bills all over the year. So, stop wasting time in the introduction and scroll down the page now!

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How to make your garage energy efficient

Who else doesn’t want to save their expenses in such a global economic crisis? For every homeowner, it’s a quick and affordable way to save thousands of bucks. You just need to follow a few simple tips here. Such as follows:

Let’s change the LED bulbs

Do you have the old light bulbs in your garage? If yes, it’s time to replace it with the new LED bulbs. These bulbs not only last for a prolonged time but save your thousand of bucks for energy bills in the summer. Yes, it costs a few more than the old bulbs but still, the deal is beneficial.

Insulate your garage door

If you want to keep your garage comfortable and cool in the hot blazing days of summer, installing insulation can be the best alternative here. Insulated garage door instead of a usual one can reduce the energy usage in this regard. Well, you can come across different types of garage door insulation. That’s why it’s smart to hire a professional garage door installer for your best interest.

Fix the cracks

Is your garage attached to your home? If yes, make sure to check whether there are any small cracks or holes in the joints that can make air leak through it. You just need to give a call to the experts who can fix it by applying weather stripping. Hence, the warm air outside cannot enter your home from your garage that prevents your rooms from getting hot and humid. Now, you need not lower the temperature of your air conditioner that will save your energy bills much.

Installing energy-efficient door

Replacing the old garage door with a new energy-efficient one can be a great idea sometimes. Besides, you need to pay top dollars often to repair your old garage door. Consult the professional technicians before purchasing energy-efficient models for residential and commercial premises.

So, what keeps you waiting! For further assistance in this regard, you can contact our professional garage door technicians. They can fix your garage door issues and make the garage energy-efficient in this summer. And, for further tips and tricks for your garage door, follow our blog page.

Well, it’s no secret that we all are suffering from a pandemic, COVID 19 that hit us hard. In most countries, the inhabitants, along with all the private and government sectors, are under lockdown to avoid community spread of this virus. The provision of public and private gatherings can help us to prevent the global health crisis. Besides, we do not have any vaccine or antidote to overcome it yet.

In such a situation, you need to pay attention to the safety of your family from other things as well. For example, a garage door is incredibly convenient. And, even during this lockdown, Supreme Garage Door is open to serve you any garage door emergency.

However, a lack of ignorance can hamper the security of your home. That’s why you need to have some knowledge of garage door safety measures. What are they? Let’s get some tips in this regard.

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Tips to keep your garage secure

During this pandemic situation, every homeowner wants to avoid burglary by access to the garage door to the home. You may not be an exception. So, check out the security tips for your garage door, as suggested below.

Hide the opener

Make sure to keep your garage door opener out of sight. Mostly, thieves break into the vehicles and use the remote controls of the garage door to access to your home. So, while you are at work or going elsewhere, keep the remote of the opener hidden somewhere.

Set a new code

You can set a new code for your garage door every six months. Change them on a rotating basis and fix a calendar reminder to do so. It is a smart step to enhance and maintain the safety of your garage and home.

Inspect the door

Make sure to inspect your garage door at least once a week. Check the garage door springs and openers, weather-stripping, gaps between the panels, and many more. Even a small vulnerability can help the burglars break into the home through the garage. It can be better of you can inspect the garage door seasonally. In winter, sometimes ice or snow can wear down the weather-stripping or other parts of the door.

Installing a side lock

If you are planning to go for a trip for a longer span, side lock installation can be a smart idea. No one can unlock it with remote or codes. You need to open it manually with hands. Burglars can avoid breaking the locks and leaving any clue behind.

Keep it close

Make sure to close the garage door always after using it. Otherwise, it makes it easy for anyone to gain access to your home. You can install Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers to operate the door and keep your property safe.

Well, our professionals maintain all the safety measures required during this pandemic attack. We use sanitizers and maintain needed distance while serving our customers. Our tools cleaned with disinfectants are safe to use. For any further emergency related to the garage door, you can contact us.

Most homeowners use garage doors at least four to five times a day. It’s calculative that you operate the garage door about 1000 to 1500 times throughout the year. Hence, there are a lot of chances to get injured if you don’t pay attention to your safety while using the garage door.


Apart from this, the reports of the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) show that every year over 15000 people need emergency treatment because of garage door injuries. Hence, being a garage door owner, you need to take care of your family’s safety. Have a look at these proven tips to keep your loved ones safe while using the garage door.


Check the Safety Sensors

Have you found the safety sensors for the garage door? Well, it is about six inches off the ground attached to the rails. Here, the garage door goes up and down while operating. The safety sensors can sense a person or pets walking underneath the garage door that prevents it from abrupt closing.

To maintain the safety measure, let’s check the sensors of your garage door. The steps mentioned below you can follow. Such as:

• Push the closing button of your garage door first.

• Now, put an object in front of any of the sensors. Make sure to apply this trick before the door closes.

• If the sensors perform correctly, the door should stop right there and reverse once after the beam blocks. If you don’t find the same thing to happen, it’s time to visit a qualified garage door repair company in Texas.


Watch Your Fingers

Most garage owners injure by getting stuck their fingers in between the garage doors. According to NEISS, every year, over 7,500 injuries happen in this way. Try to go for those new garage doors that contain ‘pinch protection.’ It reduces the risk of these injuries. Well, make sure to guide your kids not to put their hands in between panels of the garage door while closing.

Give Your Garage Door a Monthly Inspection

You should pay attention to the garage door springs. Make sure that it remains strong enough to lift the heavy door and prevent it from a sudden fall. Check them at least once a month whether the springs remain rust-free or not.
If you find them in poor condition, call the professionals for garage door spring replacement.

Apart from this, you should take a glance at the pulley system that prevents accidents from sudden garage door spring snapping. Well, remember that garage door springs remain under a ton of tension. Hence, it will be better to contact a trained technician in this regard.


Get a Garage Door Professional

After all, you want to keep safe yourself and your family. Hence, take an initial step to contact skilled and professional technicians for garage door repairs. They all have safety training that makes them aware of all the upgraded products and technologies. If your garage door becomes a matter of concern, our technicians can help you out.

Have you planned a new year’s resolution for yourself? And for garage security? We often avoid making resolutions for garage security in the New Year. On the flip, the garage is one of the essential parts of our property. It keeps our vehicles and excess belongings safe from burglary and harsh weather. Hence, it’s your responsibility to maintain your garage door and its security. Our resolutions don’t last beyond the first month of the year. Let’s make some New Year’s resolution for the garage door.garage-door-new-year-resolutions

In the below passages, you can learn the causes that damage your garage door. These causes will help you to make resolutions for garage security in the New Year. Our experts can offer you the best garage door services at nominal rates. Scroll down the page to get further info.


Causes that Hamper Garage Door’s Functions

Have a look at the following points to aware of the signs that denote, you need to pay attention to garage door security. Such as follows:

  • If you find your garage door not working flawlessly, don’t avoid it. The sign denotes its condition and lack of maintenance. The improper opening and closing of the garage door can hamper the garage security as well. The issue may occur because of the inappropriate function of rail. No matter which types of garage door opener you have installed, it needs proper maintenance. Otherwise, it will attract dirt and dust that can prevent it from performing.Inappropriate chain tension can harass you
  • The chains of your garage door can get loose because of operating often. The improper maintenance of chain tension won’t let your garage door open all the way. Inappropriate chain tension can cause skipping off the sprocket and falling down the door on your car. To avoid such mishaps, you can visit us. We, Supreme Garage Door LLC, are here to help you out.
  • Is your garage door making noise? There can be several reasons for creating such sounds. For example, the torsion spring may break and produce such loud noises. Besides, you can’t even open the door on your own. Sloppy hinges can make a lot of noise as well. Hence, it is better not to waste time and repair your garage door today!
    Now let’s move on to some essential tips to secure your garage door.


Check-out Garage Door Security Tips as New Year Resolutions

To maintain your garage door’s security, first, you need to fix the issues mentioned above. Now, you can make some New Year resolutions for your garage door by upgrading its security. For instance:

Lock your garage door

Most of us often leave our garage door opened if we have to operate it manually. Keep your garage doors locked while going outside. However, if you have such bad habits to keep your garage open, better you install automatic garage door openers. You can also use padlocks on the door tracks if you are going on a trip. It will help you to ensure that the doors stay closed.

Zip tie automatic garage door’s emergency release

Zip tie the emergency release of your automatic garage door opener. It is one of the cheapest garage door security tips we can offer you. Hence, while installing an automatic garage door opener, make sure to ask the professionals about the process.


Smart garage door opener

You can upgrade the security of your garage door with a smart opener. Smart technology comes with advanced options to keep your garage door safe. For example, you can install a Wi-Fi connection for opening a garage door. Hence, you need not get out of the car or return home if you forget to close the garage door. A simple tap can make your job done with ease.

Upgrade garage door opener

Are you using an outdated garage door opener? Replace it with an updated one. An automatic garage door opener or rolling code technology can enhance the security of your property much more. Whenever you press a remote button, “rolling code” technology will generate a new code every time. Hence, burglars cannot break in your property easily.


Garage Security System Installation

To keep an eye on your property and garage entry points, you can install a security system on your garage door. You can activate high-quality video cameras on your smartphones and monitor suspicious activities of any outsider.
Therefore, what keeps you waiting! Contact us today. We offer a wide range of services regarding garage door maintenance. You can get our services in Texas and it’s neighboring area. Give your garage door maximum security in this New Year!