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Well, you cannot predict a natural disaster and the worst part is you can’t control them. And, when you have a garage space on your premises, it’s vital to protect it. Otherwise, it can damage the car interior and the garage door mechanism as well. So, do you know how to maintain the garage door in heavy rainfalls?

If you are concerned about the same issues, today’s post is for you. The following passages contain some easy steps to protect your garage door. Have a glance here!

Garage Door Maintenance in Rainfalls

Tips to keep your garage door safe

Here are a few simple tricks to save your garage door and space in your premises. Such as follows:

Install vents

If you find water to enter your garage space, vent installation is the best alternative. It may seem counterintuitive, but for a fast drain out, vents are highly effective. This boosts the drainage process and prevents water from getting stuck in the garage space. Also, it saves your garage door from getting rust and jammed.

Inspecting the driveways

Have you checked the foundation of the driveways and garage of your premises? Make sure to inspect whether or not there are cracks. If you find so, repair it right away. Also, you should check the garage door and the foundation of the space. If there is any hole or damage in the garage door, call the professionals for garage door repair service.

Check the drainage

Blocked drainage can cause flooding during heavy rainfalls. Be sure to check the garage door system and test its mechanism. Also, verify the driveways at the same time.

Replace the weather-stripping

Does your garage door have the weather-stripping system? If not, make sure to install it as soon as possible. It helps to prevent flooding, snow, wind-driven rain, dust from entering under the garage door.

On the flip, if you have an old and cracked garage door weather-stripping, don’t take a risk. Call our professionals and replace or install them now!

Turning off the power

Does your garage door opener require electricity to operate the garage door? If yes, turn the power box off when there occurs flooding. It will help to prevent the electrocution and further damage to your premises. Also, you can keep your family safe.

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Isn’t it true that you often find many homeowners having stunning glass garage doors in their residential as well as commercial premises? There plenty of sleek and trendy designs in the line of glass garage doors.

Also, glass garage doors require low-maintenance and minimal replacement or fixing. And, even if you need residential or commercial garage door repair, professionals can do it efficiently.

Now, if you are planning to install a glass garage door in your home or office, you should know the most common FAQs people often ask. Carry on reading today’s post.

Glass garage doors

Mostly asked questions regarding glass garage doors

Before installing a glass garage door in your premises, make sure to get acquainted with some important facts in this regard. Such as:

What are glass garage doors?

A glass garage door is made of glass panels having heavy-duty aluminum frames. They are rust-free and can resist corrosion. Also, it comes in several lightweight materials and designs that make it an excellent choice for homeowners. Hence, you need not put much stress on the automatic garage door opener while operating the glass door that prevents it from making noise.

Why is a glass garage door a better option than others?

For residential premises, glass garage doors are the best alternative among all materials. It not only boosts the curb appeal of your home that catches your guests’ eyes but saves you thousands of bucks. That’s why most homeowners prefer this garage door option over others.

Besides, there are a few more benefits of glass garage door installation. Such as:

You need not worry about often fixing or replacing the glass garage doors as they are moisture, rot, and insect-resistant.

  1. Are you planning to convert your garage space into an office and maintain the privacy as well? Glass garage doors can meet your needs efficiently. It offers a clear and unobstructed light transmission than other garage door designs.
  2. As this glass garage door allow so much light in the space, you need not waste bucks on electricity during the day. Hence, it is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly option than other alternatives. Also, you can contact us for a glass garage door installation in your premises.
  3. Glass garage doors require minimal maintenance. So, you need not worry about stains that are easy to remove.
  4. Also, glass garage doors are weather-durable and work best in warmer and temperate climates.

Which are the options available for garage doors?

While choosing glass garage doors for residential purposes, you can paint the aluminum frames in different colors, such as gray, white, or bronze. Also, you can choose from the following glass options as per your needs and choice:

  • Insulated glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Decorative glass (frosted, seeded, glacier, and so on)
  • Laminated glass
  • Colored or tinted glass (bronze, grey, or white)
  • Opaque glass

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When it’s about maintaining the front view of your home, a garage door has the most prominent features to do so. And, it’s the very thing that your guests notice at first glance while stepping on your premises.
No matter what you are planning for a new garage door installation or renovation for the older one, you should get some idea of the garage door trends in 2020.

Are you interested? If yes, please scroll down the page and carry on reading the rest of this blog!

What are the best garage door trends this year?

There’s no gainsaying that you need to pick the most fashionable and trendy as well as durable garage door design. But, before making a purchase, it’s best if you take a glance at today’s post to know further about the latest garage door trends. Such as follows:

Extension of the living space

Extension of the living space

Well, the garage is a place that can provide the homeowners with an extra space that they can convert into a living room. From using it as an office or gym to children’s playroom, you can utilize the space as you want. Also, you need not worry about comfort with its sufficient insulation.

Offering a curb appeal

Offering a curb appeal

Curbscaping is one of the latest trends of 2020 among homeowners. You can decorate the garage door with glass, bricks, and plan its frame with your favorite plants. It’s the best way to represent the facade of your home by adding curb appeal to your garage door.

More energy efficiency

More energy efficiency

Garage doors contain good insulative materials that are highly effective to increase the energy efficiency. Hence, you need not use more energy to keep the heat outside in summer and cold in winter.

Advanced technology

Advanced technology

Now, it’s no more operating a garage door manually. With modern technology, you can control it even a mile away from your premises. Using a wi-fi link, you can close or open your garage door according to your convenience. All you need to install an app on your phone and your home security is in your hand.

Natural light garage

Natural light

Many people choose the garage to convert it into a living space. Hence, it’s essential to let more natural light here. In such a case, you can choose a garage door having glass windows that will save bills on lighting. Also, if you want to maintain privacy as well, look for different tinting options in the market.

Modern material garage door

Modern material

When it comes to a garage door, we imagine that heavy iron gates like past years. But, now, you need not worry about installing such heavy materials. On the flip, you can look for the vinyl or fiberglass in this regard. They are affordable, lightweight, and durable as well. Also, you can get a wide range of colors, shades, and designs here.

So, are you ready to start? If yes, it’s best to call our professionals in this regard instead of trying the DIY process. They are trained and professional to install or renovate a garage door efficiently. For more information about the garage door, follow our blog page today!

For every homeowner, safety is the basic thing that comes in mind when it’s about using a garage door. When you have an old-aged garage door in your home, children’s security becomes the top priority here. You should aware of the problems that may occur when they play or wander near the garage door.

Don’t worry! Today’s post comes with a few simple but effective tips that can offer you peace of mind. You can apply these ideas to keep your kids or family safe from the garage door. Scroll down the page to learn more!


Follow the tips below to keep your children safe

Have you found your children often wandering in front of the garage door or playing with the remote? Follow these six easy ideas to prevent any mishaps. Such as:

Keep the remote away:

A garage door remote is a valuable accessory for the homeowner, whereas it can prove as a grave danger at the same time. Your kids may play with it thinking as a toy that can make someone a victim of crashing under the garage door. So, make sure to keep a close watch on the remote.

Stop from touching the button:

Your kids can enjoy a fascination by pressing the button that operates the garage door movement. To avoid any further accidents, try to keep them at least five feet away from touching it.

A regular garage door maintenance:

You can avoid a continuous repair of your garage door if maintained it every day or at least thrice a week. And, it becomes more important when you have children at home.

For example, many kids fascinate the garage door as an amusement park ride. So, any broken spring can crash it down that can put them a risk. Maintain the garage door regularly and call a professional if you find any disturbance.

Don’t allow to play in the garage:

A garage is not a playground. So, don’t allow any child to enter there and play with the garage door or remote. Otherwise, it can be a misfortune being underneath an open garage door.


For kids, it’s quite fascinating how a garage door moves up and down just by a click of a button. And, in such conditions, they can keep their hands unknowingly in the tracks that can be dangerous for them. Their fingers and hands can get pinched and injured badly. So, keep them away from the door as much as possible.

Make rules:

Our kids learn wherever they see doing us. So, make sure to follow all the safety rules mentioned above while using a garage door. Otherwise, our ignorance can lead our kids to danger and end up facing accidents. Advise them on good practices in this regard.

During regular maintenance, if you find any disturbance in garage door parts, don’t take a risk to operate it. Call our technicians now to fix the problem as soon as possible. For further info related to the garage door and its maintenance, you can follow our blog page today!

Installing a garage door for your commercial premises? Well, that’s a wise step to increase the safety of your property. However, after installation, we often overlook its maintenance and performance.
When it comes to a commercial garage door, regular maintenance is an essential part of increasing its lifespan. The process helps to ensure whether the performance of the garage door is at its best or not. Apart from this, it allows you to determine if any parts of your garage door start malfunction.
Well, it’s difficult to handle to undertake a routine maintenance program on your own. Hence, it’s better to contact professionals for garage door services. They can help you provide the perfect solution with a preventive maintenance program for your commercial garage door. It allows your garage door to perform in the right order as long as possible.


Here’s the list of the preventive maintenance program that contains several checks to keep your commercial garage door operable for prolonged years. Such as follows:

Chart and Survey

Professionals come with a chart and survey program for all your commercial doors based on the drawing of building floor plans. It helps them to determine the model and brand of each door. Hence, they can identify the correct size and parts so that they can fix any minor issues if needed. You can undertake the repair and maintenance during this scheduled appointment.

Visual inspection

After completing the survey, the technicians start their inspection of your commercial garage door, including all major and minor parts. They observe the parts for rust and damage going through normal wear and tear. It can slow the system and affect the operations while opening or closing it.

Apart from this, you can ask them to fix the minor issues as well. Hence, you can save money and time before the minor damages turn into major issues.

Routine maintenance

When you are hiring professionals for a preventive maintenance program for your commercial garage door, it contains routine maintenance as well. In every appointment, the technicians will make sure to fix the garage door’s tracks, brakes, springs, along with tightening the hinges, couplings, hardware, and so on.
This regular maintenance process ensures the smooth performance of your garage door. Hence, the garage door continues performing for long years and saves your bucks.

Enrolling and discounts

Make sure to do proper research and spend hours picking the right garage door repair company. It’s because not all the service providers offer a preventive maintenance program. Hence, going for a random choice will not be a wise idea.

Besides, you should look for other perks as well. For example, pick the technicians who provide you with the best quality service within your budget and emergency services.
It’s essential to maintain the structural integrity of your garage for achieving success in business. Make sure to call experts and fix the minor issues before further damage. If you are opting for such maintenance programs, our technicians are ready to serve you.
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In 2020, the entire world is going through a pandemic, namely Coronavirus or COVID 19. Most corporate and government sectors have been closed due to lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading in society. To tackle this global health risks, gatherings, and movement of the general public have been restricted now. Well, we can just hope for the best!

Nevertheless, doctors and nurses need to be outside for our sake. However, they need to keep their family safe as well. Emergencies are unpredictable. Hence, you need to pay attention to your garage door and its maintenance. Have you ever noticed that you use the garage door system more than your entrance? If yes, you need to provide these following tips to your family. It will keep them safe, especially when you are outside during such a pandemic outbreak.

check your garage door

Keep your garage door remote out of sight in your vehicle

When it comes to the security of your kids, make sure to keep remote away from them. If you have a car key remote, attach it to your key ring. It is equivalent to your car keys. It will be better if you use Wi-Fi technology to open and close the garage door. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or miles away.

garage door parts

Once a month, take a quick look at the various components

It’s essential to undertake the maintenance service of your garage door at least once a month. You can follow the guidelines below to take a glance. Such as follows:•

  • Check if there are any loose bolts or nuts.
  • Make sure the horizontal tracks of the garage door are parallel.
  • If you find the rollers of garage door about to break, call an expert to fix it.
  • You can contact a garage door expert to repair springs, hinges, lifting cable, and many more if needed. You shouldn’t attempt to fix them alone.

Never hang on to your garage door

Pay attention to your kids’ activities when they are around the garage door. Make sure to prevent them from climbing or hanging on to the door while operating it. When you have a double garage door for safety, it contains reinforcement bars inside.



Avoid touching the moving parts at all times

It is essential to advise your family not to touch the garage door while it’s in motion. If you have kids at home, teach them not to place fingers between the door sections while operating. Besides, make sure not to slide your hand between garage door panels.

Well, we don’t have any intention to frighten you. However, it’s better to follow these tips for preventing accidents. If you find anything strange with your garage door system, visit us. We, ‘Supreme Garage Door’, are offering services maintaining all the safety measures during this COVID 19 outbreak.

Our professionals use sanitizers and disinfectants to keep our hands and tools clean. Besides, we keep the required distance while serving our customers. To know further about our garage door services in the COVID 19 pandemic, read our other blogs.

Most homeowners use garage doors at least four to five times a day. It’s calculative that you operate the garage door about 1000 to 1500 times throughout the year. Hence, there are a lot of chances to get injured if you don’t pay attention to your safety while using the garage door.


Apart from this, the reports of the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) show that every year over 15000 people need emergency treatment because of garage door injuries. Hence, being a garage door owner, you need to take care of your family’s safety. Have a look at these proven tips to keep your loved ones safe while using the garage door.


Check the Safety Sensors

Have you found the safety sensors for the garage door? Well, it is about six inches off the ground attached to the rails. Here, the garage door goes up and down while operating. The safety sensors can sense a person or pets walking underneath the garage door that prevents it from abrupt closing.

To maintain the safety measure, let’s check the sensors of your garage door. The steps mentioned below you can follow. Such as:

• Push the closing button of your garage door first.

• Now, put an object in front of any of the sensors. Make sure to apply this trick before the door closes.

• If the sensors perform correctly, the door should stop right there and reverse once after the beam blocks. If you don’t find the same thing to happen, it’s time to visit a qualified garage door repair company in Texas.


Watch Your Fingers

Most garage owners injure by getting stuck their fingers in between the garage doors. According to NEISS, every year, over 7,500 injuries happen in this way. Try to go for those new garage doors that contain ‘pinch protection.’ It reduces the risk of these injuries. Well, make sure to guide your kids not to put their hands in between panels of the garage door while closing.

Give Your Garage Door a Monthly Inspection

You should pay attention to the garage door springs. Make sure that it remains strong enough to lift the heavy door and prevent it from a sudden fall. Check them at least once a month whether the springs remain rust-free or not.
If you find them in poor condition, call the professionals for garage door spring replacement.

Apart from this, you should take a glance at the pulley system that prevents accidents from sudden garage door spring snapping. Well, remember that garage door springs remain under a ton of tension. Hence, it will be better to contact a trained technician in this regard.


Get a Garage Door Professional

After all, you want to keep safe yourself and your family. Hence, take an initial step to contact skilled and professional technicians for garage door repairs. They all have safety training that makes them aware of all the upgraded products and technologies. If your garage door becomes a matter of concern, our technicians can help you out.

People always run behind new technological advancements and their results when it comes to view. They like to install home automation technology in their property as well. Hence, there is no gainsaying that such homes need a smart speaker. It will help you to meet its all maintenance.

The smart speaker can control lighting, alarms, thermostats, doorbells, and even garage doors as well. Yes, you have heard right. Now, you need not worry if you leave it open in a flurry.

smart garage door

You can come across many companies to offer up to date technical devices in the market. Besides, you can get several apps in smartphones that are compatible with smart home devices. Therefore, you can have a user-friendly experience with your garage door.

A garage door is the most used entry point, whether it’s domestic or commercial premises. Hence, as an owner, you must have an idea of who is going in and out. However, you cannot keep an eye always on the garage door entrance. Smart devices can operate the entry point and offer you peace-of-mind. You can easily control the access of your home from your smartphone from anywhere. Now, have a look at the advantages of using smart device apps for your home.

garage door oparator

Different usage of smart device apps

With such devices, you cannot only observe and control the garage door functions but other activities as well. Such as follows:

  • You will get notified if someone is operating your garage door. The person may be familiar or unknown. Hence, you can pay attention to the activities going on in your property.
  • You will alert notifications when anyone tries to open the garage door manually. Then, you can take the necessary steps to finds the person and strengthen your home security.
  • Well, delivery persons can come when you’re not at home. With the smart device app, you can open the garage door for them. Then, they will not leave your parcel at the doorstep.
  • You can get a list of history for each opening with dates and times. Hence, you can keep an eye on the arrivals, even in your absence.

Well, with the advancement of technology, you can now install a smart garage door opener that operates around smartphones. Read the following passage to know further in this regard.

Check out a brief idea about the smart garage door opener

You can complete your security system with Alexa compatible Garage Door Opener. Ask “Google” or “Alexa” questions to operate it. For example, “have I left my garage door open?” or “have I closed the garage door?”
You can maintain a garage door operating system with smartphones and voice control. Besides, you can install a Wi-Fi connection to activate the garage door by using your phone. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or miles away. Besides, you can get the option here to operate your pin if you find an emergency. However, while installing such a smart garage door opener, don’t forget to check the compatibility.

smart garage door

Well, now most homeowners choose technology for their garage door to avail of more security. So, what keeps you waiting! If you are looking for a smart garage door installation in your property, contact us today! Our experts can offer you a perfect solution for any garage door issue.