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When you look for a garage door, you can get a wider range of variety available in various styles and materials. That means you have multiple options to pick from. Contemporary or modern garage doors are popular for its compact style and proper finish. These are solid and highly functional in both style and design.

Are you looking for a suitable high-tech garage door to install in your property that will offer your home a trendy look? Then, it will be a better move to go for temporary or modern garage doors. However, before installing a highly developed garage door, there are some facts that you should know.


When you are looking for a modern garage door, you may find that it contains some innovative and delicate style. It doesn’t contain so many defining lines on the door facet and sometimes there are no lines at all!!! This kind of garage door comes with a seamless appearance and even if there are lines, those are hardly visible. Now let’s learn about the materials.


Mostly, you will get an aluminium garage door available on the market. You know, aluminium is a light-weighted material and this resists rust. Light weighted doors are easy to operate. It can help to expand the life of the opener, since the opener has to work less to lift the door.

But if you prefer some other materials, you can also get them available. Well, are looking for wooden material! Most homeowners prefer to choose light or dark shade in wood. Though the material is good enough in appearance but you need to pay attention to its maintenance. Hence, it is a better option when you will choose this material for your modern garage door. Make sure you know of all maintenance processes.

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When you are purchasing a garage door, make sure it contains windows within. It is an essential architectural aspect. Windows can enhance the visual elegance in the garage door. On the other flip, it also offers light into the garage. While choosing a modern garage door, you may find a row of windows at the top of the door. They may be movable to a vertical line on both sides.

If you are interested in choosing this type of garage door, be aware of the glasses of the window. It’s because some glass may make the interior space of the garage door warm. Don’t worry!! Low e-coating or window tinting can prevent it.


Now let’s get acquainted with different materials of a garage door and its cost available in the market.

  • Steel garage door- Well, if you want to spend less, the suitable garage door material is here. A steel garage door has brought for you a wider range of colors and outlay options. The ranges include non-insulated door, entry level, a single layer, premium three layers, and more. If you are interested in installing a double steel garage door, it can cost around $800 to $4500.
  • Aluminium garage door- According to most homeowners, the aluminium garage door is the best choice not only for home but also for commercial premises. It is rust-proof and durable. In fact, this material is an ideal choice for harsh and caustic weather conditions. Even to get a modern look, you can install an aluminium garage door along with frosted glass. An estimated cost may be around $1000 to $3000.
  • Wood garage door- Do you want to have a classy look in the garage door??? If yes, the wooden doors will be the right option for you. It will offer your property a distinctive and trendy look. A moisture resistant cedar or cypress can offer you a flexible and customized design. If you choose it for your commercial premise, go for the double door design that may cost up to $5000 for a high-quality wood garage door.
  • Composite wood garage door- If you are busy enough in your daily schedule, you may prefer a material that is durable but requires minimal maintenance. Then, here’s your solution. The composite wood door is moisture-resistant and rot-free. You can even apply different paint to make it more attractive. A double door composite wooden door is available within $2500 around.

Do you want to install a modern garage door? Visit a reputed garage door contractor

Are you looking for a garage door perfect for your modern and stylish home? Your garage door contractor can help you choose the right one from different materials and styles available. They can show you sample pictures so you can choose the right one for your property. Finally, when you choose your preferable type, ask your contractor for a quote to install the garage door.

If you want to start a consultation or get more information, contact ‘Supreme Garage Door’. Our representatives will go right to your place to offer quote and consider your choice.