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The garage door is the most important part of a garage. It plays a crucial role in keeping your vehicle secure. That is why each individual must keep their garage door under proper maintenance. Well, if you have a garage, you must take a necessary step to carry out the maintenance inspection annually.

Nowadays, many people are leaning towards 21-point maintenance inspection in this respect. If you want to go for the same approach, you can contact Supreme Garage Door LLC, a renowned garage door repair company. They have a team of professionals who are well aware of all garage door intricacies.

However, this inspection includes checking the garage door chain’s tension. In addition, you must pay attention to the opener and the moving parts of a garage door.  These require proper maintenance and lubrication for well functioning. Hence, your garage door must go through regular maintenance so that you can prevent it from losing parts and noisy operations.

After the usage for a prolonged time, the garage door creates noise while being closed and opened. So, if you hear a noise while operating the garage door, it is obvious that there is something wrong behind this.  Under this circumstance, you must call the experts for visual inspection. The garage door chain is one of the most important parts of this inspection. But some garage door openers do not come with a chain drive, these use a screw or belt drive system.

garage door chain inspection

All you need to know about garage door chain inspection

As a car owner, you must know how to carry out this inspection. Whatever you will attempt this or not, you must have some ideas about it.

At first, you need to disconnect the garage door opener from the garage door. Climb on a step ladder and inspect the chain visually. If you observe that it is sagging, you have to tighten this. You can do this task on your own with the help of a trolley adjustment bolt. But this task is risky. If you do not have any knowledge about the garage door, there is a high possibility to get injured while performing this task. That is why it is imperative to get some knowledge about the garage door and its inspection. But there is nothing to get worried about. If you have sufficient tools and knowledge about it, you can perform this task easily.

Another thing you need to consider is how old the drive chain is. If the drive chain is in good physical condition and its age is less than 10 years old, you can tighten and lubricate this. Otherwise, you can get it tightened or replaced with the help of the garage door experts.

Have you recently bought a house where a garage is present? But you don’t know how long the chain of the garage door had been in operation, right? Contact Supreme Garage Door LLC to get the garage door inspected. The professionals in this company offer high-quality services for residential and commercial areas.

Contact the garage door experts in Houston for your emergent requirement

Contact the garage door experts of Supreme Garage Door LLC if you need emergency service. They will reach you at your doorstep in the Houston area. So, pick your phone and call them at (214) 915-0384. They will help you in tightening and replacing the garage door chain drive.

A garage door may seem like a simple fix. You may think that repairing a garage door can be an easy task. But this is not the true scenario! When a person is untrained and attempts to repair a garage door that is not functioning properly, it can quickly lead to a mishap.

So, without giving it a second thought, it is always better to contact a professional. They can help you out easily from the problem without any misfortune. In today’s blog, we have differentiated between professionals and the DIY process to make you understand why it is not safe to repair a garage door on your own. Go through the following passage to know more.

Professional VS DIY

Professional VS DIY

Here are some points that will make you clear why you should opt for professional help. As follows-

  • Professionals who perform garage door repair have undergone the rigorous training in this area that allows them to quickly go about their business. With that requisite experience in place, they know the proper procedures in all areas of such repair, which includes the correct protocols and safety procedures. Only in the exceptional situations is the homeowner with a garage door problem proficient in tackling this type of issue. Replacing damaged or broken parts might seem to be very easy, yet even those professionals know that such work is a learned skill that needs to be respected.
  • Particular garage door problem demand equipment that most homeowners most probably don’t possess. That mystery results in situations where DIY fixers attempt to repair their garage door in a makeshift manner. That’s the sort of approach that can lead to disaster. If you want to know more regarding this you can visit our blog pages. When it comes to getting some parts, stores selling such items will probably either prevent or make difficult the opportunity for a homeowner to buy them. That’s because the potential risk of a handyman suffering a serious or even fatal injury opens up that establishment to potential litigation.
  • To create a head with repairing a garage door is based on the idea that once the homeowner or handyman performs the work. That is especially true when the repair is seen as an easy job that needs not result in paying money to licensed technicians. The problem is that without having the full scope of knowledge about all areas of repair, the homeowner or handyman might make things worse. That means what would have been a small bill for services rendered turns into a costly mistake that will end up being a continuing source of stress.
  • The value of time is such that every minute that’s spent not enjoying life is something that can never be recaptured. Repairing a garage door can be a very strong process. It may consume away an entire weekend. It can serve as an extended project that gives off the impression of something that will seemingly never end.

Contacting professionals that handle such repairs daily magically give the homeowner back that time. That allows for a more fulfilling existence and the peace of mind in knowing that the job is being done right.

Contact a Reputed Company

If you have a problem in your garage door and needs a repair, then you should contact a reputable garage door repair company. Feel free to visit them to know more about their services.

Serious natural calamities, such as storms, wind always pose a threat to the structure of the house, including garage doors. If you live in a storm prone area, you must install a garage entrance that can endure natural disasters easily . Well, now you might think how you can make your essential garage entrance strong enough to endure all these natural calamities. You can make it possible by installing wind brace system.

This system provides an additional structure that develops the integrity of the door and make the entrance strong. However, in the passage attached below we discuss some ways how you can keep your entrance safe against storms and winds. Read them.

Some Helpful Ways to Make Your Garage Door Storm Proof

Check the passage mentioned below and learn the ways how you can keep your garage entrance storm proof.

Install Wind Brace System

Install Wind Braces To The Garage Door- You can strengthen your garage door with right bracing. Generally, most of the garage doors remain secured only by the hinges or tracks. But the fact is that, these elements are not strong enough to endure harsh storm and winds. Even any slight wind can damage them adversely. If you want to avoid this issue, you can purchase and install a quality wind bracing system.



Bracing systems anchor the garage entrance to the walls, hinges, and floors. These materials are made of durable, strong materials such as aluminium. Aluminum acts as a secured backbone to the door and it prevents the entrance from wind force. This bracing system is highly useful in different storm prone areas, such as Florida. Whether be it harsh tornadoes or hurricane, wind brace system can fight with all these calamities effectively.

There is no doubt that installing the wind bracing system is the most effective mean to save the entrance from harsh wind. In addition, there are some other ways to protect the garage entrance from storms. Here are some of those effective means.

Install Hurricane Panels- This system makes use of metal or aluminum panels affixed to the outside of the garage door. These panels always remain secured with clips, screws, and rack systems, but before selecting this system, check whether your installed panels can meet your need. In addition, don’t forget to inquire if you need any special permit to install it.

By the way, if you want to opt for high quality and storm proof garage entrance, you can keep faith on us. You can also visit our about us page. If you choose our service, you can rest assured about getting a quality service. Now let’s check another way to secure your garage entrance during the storm.

Go For Hurricane Proof Garage Entrances

If you are thinking about installing a new entrance, select a hurricane proof model. These doors often come with twist resistant components and durable tracks systems. They are made of super durable steel and provide excellent protection against wind. If you choose this door, you don’t have to spend a lot on installing any extra accessory.

Contact Us for Quality Garage Door Services

We are a reputed garage door repair and maintenance company. Our company is always ready to offer you with the great garage door installation and repair services. You can contact us without hesitation, if want to get a satisfactory garage door related services.

Garage door springs offset the weight of the door and allow it to open and close with ease. A problem with the spring tension could cause the door to open or close unevenly, improperly, or at the wrong speed. Here, adjusting the springs will probably solve the problem.

Garage doors come in different styles that use two different types of spring system. Whether you’ve got an easy fix on your hands or a more difficult and dangerous task will depend on the style of door you have. In the following passage, a discussion is provided on how to adjust agarage door spring. Get through the following passage to get a brief idea on the different types of garage door springs and how to adjust it.

The Different Types of Garage Door Springs

The Different Types of Garage Door Springs

The garage door springs are among the most important components of your garage door system. They contribute in the smooth and safe movement of the door. When going for garage door spring repair or replacement, it’s important to understand what type of spring system your door has. Most of the doors either have torsion or extension spring operations.

  • Torsion springs: Of the two types of springs, torsion springs are the most commonly used in today’s garage doors. Torsion springs sit at the top of the garage door and slide into a channel while the door is in operation. These springs are available in several sizes based on the garage door’s weight, height, and track radius.
  • Extension Springs: While an older garage door spring option, extension springs are still popular. As they’re less expensive than torsion springs. They occupy less overhead space because they’re installed on either side of the door and extend when it’s opening and closing. Extension cables are available in standard options that are attached on each side of the door or as safety cables that are threaded through the spring.

Preparing for Your Adjustment

Below are some tips to prepare you for garage door adjustment. As follows-

  • Recognize the garage door springs: There are two kinds of springs your garage door might use: side-mounted extension springs or torsion springs. Before you can adjust the spring on your garage door, you must determine what kind of springs your door has. Side-mounted springs are easier to adjust, while torsion springs are more dangerous to meddle with. So you would be better off calling a professional if you have these.
  • Understand your problem: Improper spring tension can cause many problems with how your garage door opens and closes. The problem you’re facing will help you figure out how you need to adjust the spring. In fact, it may happen that replacing the garage door springs can fix the garage door. Garage doors that need spring adjustments may:
  • Be difficult to open or close
  • Open or close too quickly
  • Not close fully or properly
  • Close unevenly and leave a gap.
  • Determine your solution: Depending on your problem, you will either need to increase or decrease the spring tension on the door. It means you will need to:
  • Decrease the tension if your door isn’t closing fully, is difficult to close or open too quickly.
  • Increase the tension if the door is difficult to open or closes too quickly.
  • Adjust the tension on one side (where the gap is) if your door is closing evenly.

Get In Touch With Our Professionals

It is always better off seeking the services of a professional if your door needs an adjustment. So when you need to tighten your garage door springs, trust the highly trained and experienced technicians of a reputed garage door company. Feel free to visit our contact us page to know more.

When it is about opening a garage door, most people prefer pressing a button and open the gate magically. However, sometimes that is not possible because of a power interruption. Or maybe the problem is with the battery, with the garage door opener or the motor.

In such a situation, the only way out to open the garage door is to lift it manually. Although, this may sound like an easy task that anyone can perform, but actually, this requires taking some steps. These measures will ensure that your car doesn’t get stuck either inside or outside the garage. Let’s check this out more clearly in the passages below.

How to open a garage door manually

Pull the Cord

For safety reasons, most homeowners have locks attached to safety latches in place to their garage doors. You need to undo this to allow free and flexible movement. Unless you use an old garage door, there should be a procedure in which the center rail has a red emergency cord. That deals with these types of condition, with the trolley releasing from where it attaches to the rail.

Pull that cord down and then toward the back. Thus, the rope won’t get stuck on the tracks. Since this in a high area of the garage, you will need a ladder to reach the area in question. Move the ladder out of the way once you have pulled the cord.

The more the better

This job is easy to do with multiple people, especially if you want to put a car or other property back in the garage. Other person can hold the cord while you drive your vehicle inside or you can also carefully place an item to keep the door open. Go through our ‘Blog’ page to learn more about garage door and related issues.

Things to remember

You should only perform this when you are opening the door. Doing it in one attempt can lead to catastrophe. A broken spring can cause the door to come down on anyone underneath. Also, a rapid closing can damage any property or individual in that path. At the time of manual opening, disconnect the garage door opener and the door.

After that lift the door. Sometimes, having someone else sharing that lifting with you is a good idea. The age-old advice of lifting with your legs is something that you can also attend or you could be physically suffering.

The final steps

When the power is back, to get the door back to the normal condition, attach the locks again or put the safety latches back in place. Then, after pulling down on the red cord again pull it toward the front, the opposite of the step you followed before. This again powers the trolley. Sometimes, you may push the opener and watch the spring attachment go back to normal without a manual approach.

For advanced garage door repair, contact a trusted garage door repair service provider. They can offer you great services at competitive rates.

You might realize that you need to fix this problem, but you may not decide exactly what solution you need. In many conditions, you may dangle between repairing your current door and a new garage door installation. That’s why, go through this post. This will provide you with the top 5 reasons to have a new garage door installed, because sometimes in Plano, you need to know when it’s time to replace the old garage door with a new one rather than wasting money on frequent repair. Carry on reading for learning more about garage door repair vs. new garage door installation in Plano, TX in the following passages.

Do You Have An Old Garage Door?
Sometimes, it’s time to consider installing a newer model. Older garage doors don’t have many of the security details that newer designs have. This makes the older models more risky. Older doors are more at risk to burglars. Don’t compromise with your security with an old, out-of-dated garage door.

Does Your Garage Door Need Frequent Repair?
Garage doors that don’t operate well can be more than just an inconvenience. Broken doors can also be deadly and expensive. Don’t put your property an injury or damage and don’t let it drain your money on frequent repairs. If your garage door is making harsh grinding noises, or if it will not lower perfectly, or if you find that you can fix it anyway, it’s time to hire a garage door repair and installation technician and install a new door.

learning more about garage door repair vs. new garage door installation

Why Waste Money On Frequent Repair When You Can Install A New Garage Door?
As with any entry or exit in your property, you prefer your garage door to be reliable. Older model garage doors are easier for intruders to break into. Newer designs are more protected and even more secure. Also, the credit goes to the features that eliminate common injuries. Protect yourself, your family, and your property in a better way by installing a new garage door.

Installed a New Garage Door Could Save You Money
By installing a new garage door, not only will you save the money that you would have wasted on adjustments. But you can also save bucks on your energy bill. You may not insulate your old door may properly. This will make it further burdensome to heat and cool your home. Thus, increase the energy efficiency of your property by installing a new garage door.

A New Garage Door Means Added Curb Appeal
The garage door is a distinct feature of your home that all the passers-by will notice. Why not enhance the curb appeal of your home with a sleek modern design?

Therefore, when you see that your garage door is beyond adjustments, call the pros for installing a new garage door. Contact us regarding garage door repair and installation in Plano, TX.

If your garage door is old and out-dated, increasingly giving you trouble, or is not as dependable and secure as you would prefer, it is high time you invested in a new one.

A garage door incorporates many hardware parts. When all these parts work in proper sync, your garage door runs well, promoting no mechanical or functional problem. However, sometimes the garage door might not function well without leaving you any clue to find what the real trigger is. That’s frustrating. In this post, you will learn the common reasons your garage door opener or garage door might not work.


Common Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Here are some common reasons your garage door might not open:

The cables have snapped or popped off
The garage door cables can sometimes become detached. Often, when a torsion spring snaps, the garage door cable snaps too. It can cause injury and harm. If your cables have fractured, call a specialist to help you.

Something blocks the photo eye
Most garage doors have a photo eye which detects if someone or something blocks the door from lowering. The photo eye runs a laser across the range of the garage door. If something interrupts, it will cut off the signal that lowers and raises the door.

Sensitivity needs change
This can take place to both a freshly installed garage door and an earlier one. If you set the sensitivity too low or high, the door won’t open. In Dallas, to avoid hassles hire the professional technicians as they can adjust the close force and limit switch to the correct levels. Thus, you will be good to go!

Common reasons your garage door won't open

Your remote control is not functioning well
In Dallas, when your garage door is not opening with the remote, you need to consider a few points that can induce this issue. You might be out of the range or maybe the receiver on the motor is not in a suitable condition or hindered from the signal. Make sure the sensitivity is hanging down from the motor.

You need to adjust the limit settings
If the door lowers but then immediately opens, you must test the limit settings, which maintain the operation determine how far to shift the door to lower it properly. If the settings are not right, the door will lower before the opener believes it should.

The door is off the track
When the door is off trail, it won’t move well. Make sure the door is rolling easily along its metal railing. Check the path for bends, gaps, bumps, or obstacles.

There’s an obstacle you can’t see
Garage doors automatically reverse when hit an obstacle. When the door closes halfway but then reverses for no clear reason, this may be a hint that there is something preventing it from closing, something that you can’t see.

You May Have Put the “Disconnect” Switch On

Every garage door opener comes with a disconnect switch, cord, or knob. These allow you to operate the door manually if the power is cut. Make sure you haven’t unknowingly disconnected the motor.

Therefore, next time you encounter any relevant problem, consider all these above-mentioned conditions. Contact a reputable garage door company for enjoying a comprehensive range of services at competitive rates. They, along with providing you with quick and productive solutions, also offer you great customer support.

Suppose you have returned to home from office and your garage door is not opening even after pushing the remote button again and again. Sounds frustrating, right? So, what is the solution? Obviously experienced garage door repairing experts are ready with their great garage door services. But before calling them it’s better to try some tricks that might open the entrance quite easily. Have a look at the subsequent points to know them.

5 Helpful Troubleshooting Tips to Try if garage door is not opening

5 Helpful Troubleshooting Tips to Try if garage door is not opening

Here are some tips that will help if the garage door is not opening.

Tip 1- Replace the wall switch and wires

If you find the remote is working but the wall switch is not, you need to replace either the wall switch or the wires. To remain sure which one is bad, wire or the switch do a little task. At first unscrew the switch from the wall and keep two wires in touch. If the opener runs, the problem is in the switch. If the opener doesn’t run when you touch the wires at the opener, then check whether wires are alright.

Tip 2 Wipe off the photo eye

A dirty photo eye can create a problem at a time of opening the door and closing. It is a small sensor that detect objects in the garage’s path. If there is something at the path, it signals the door not to close. If you are facing this problem, clean the photo eye with a soft clothe. After that, try to open the entrance again.

Tip 3- Change the circuit board

If you find the outlet has power, but there’s no sound or no lights when pushing wall switch and remotes, blame the circuit board. In this condition, replacing the circuit board will solve the issue. Changing is not so tough as you think. Calling a professional will make that task more easy and convenient.

However, after following the above-mentioned tips, if garage door is not opening, it might need a repairing service. you should know some tips and guidelines about how to repair a Garage Door. Efficient garage door experts can help you with their great services. Now jump to other troubleshooting tips to open the door.

Tip 4- Check carefully if the trolley has been disconnected.

The trolley moves along the chain drive at the time of operating the entrance. All garage door openers come with a pull-cord or switch that unlock the trolley when you are opening or closing the door by hand. Hence, be assured to make sure the cord was not accidentally pulled and the trolley disconnected. If anything like that happen reconnect the trolley.

Tip 5- Be assure openers are plugged in

Apparently, sounding nonsense. But do you know it is one of the most common reason that does not let the entrance open? So, please remain assure the power cord is attached to the electrical outlet properly.

Come to Us for Quality Garage Door Service

If any of the above-mentioned tips are not working, don’t worry. Contact us without hesitation. Our experienced professionals will reach to your home and open your garage door easily. So, don’t feel depressed with closed and malfunctioning garage entrance anymore.

Two Single Garage Doors or One Double Garage Door- Which is better?

Garage door is the most crucial part of the garage space, and it is important to choose a suitable entrance. When you are redesigning or building a garage with more than one car, know which one is better. There is always a clash between the two Single Garage doors vs one double garage door. Well, both of them come with different pros and cons. While selecting any door, consider certain facts such as the size of the garage, structure of the home and so on. Before installing the door, let’s know the features of both of them. It will help you to choose the right door according to your need.

Two Single Garage Doors or One Double Garage Door- Which is better

Features of Two Single Garage Doors and One Double Garage Door

Go through the points mentioned below to get the answer.

# Double garage doors provide more space.

Do you want to store anything huge in your garage? If your garage is large enough, you can fit three cars in the garage with a double garage door easily. In the garages with single doors, you can not keep more than two vehicles. If you think of keeping huge objects such as a small riding mower, unused furniture, or any other, go for a double door garage. In addition, measure the garage space you have. Remember, a double door will take more space than single ones. If your garage is not huge enough, choose the single doors.

# Double Garage Doors look wonderful

Double garage doors look attractive and eye-catching. If you want to make your garage space more unique, it is perfect for you. For example- You can install carriage style double doors, which swings outward. It will give your home an extraordinary look.

However, when selecting the garage entrance for your home, also consider the structure of your residence. Some homes look good with a large single door and some other with the double door.

The above-mentioned points present some good reasons to choose the double garage. You can visit our blog page to know more. Now let’s know, some great features single garage entrances.

# Single garage doors are convenient to fix

If you suddenly feel your single garage entrance is creating a disturbance, you can still use the other garage door temporarily. Because single garage doors are lighter and more common than the double doors. These doors are easier to fix. In contrast, Two single garage doors have many moving parts such as tracks, bottom rail, and many more. Because of these parts they have more chance of failure.

# Single Garage Doors Are More Convenient

A single garage door is more convenient. You can easily lift a single garage door on your own if the motor stops. You don’t have to take the trouble to open the huge door all the time. When you need to get something out of your garage.

After reading the above points, you must have a precise idea about both double and single garage doors. Hope, you will not become confused about choosing your suitable garage entrance anymore.

You can contact a reputed garage door company for installing two single and one double garage doors.

Know the Importance of Garage Door Repair and Installation from a Statistics

The importance of a garage door should never be underestimated. This is mainly because it is a second way to enter your adobe. If it won’t open, then you’re trapped outside. If it won’t close properly, some unknown and unwanted guests can come in the middle of the night. And the next day, you can see your car’s stolen. On the other hand, a faulty garage door can cause injury to you or your family members. So, can you realise the actual importance of the door now?

Always be assured that you have checked your garage thoroughly for anything that seems out of place. If your garage door opens electronically, check if the remote is in proper condition. Your garage door is the one that can separate you and your family from injury, robbery and theft on a daily basis. Safety is a major priority of your house and a broken garage door can be threat to your safety when left hanging.

Let’s Take a look at these Garage Door Repair & Installation Statistics and see how significant your garage door is for your property.

Garage Door Repair & Installation Statistics
A well-maintained garage door can also reduce energy loss.
Expectantly, now you have learned how important it is to take care of a garage door. The next step is to get the garage door installed or fixed rightly. You can warm yourself up and repair that on your own, praying that you don’t harm yourself in the procedure. Otherwise, you can contact a garage door expert who knows how to repair your garage door safely. The choice is yours, but I hope you may have realised how important a garage door is from the Garage Door Repair & Installation Statistics and you now will take care of it rightly with the help of professionals.

As we are a reputed company of garage door service providers we can provide you with up-to-the-mark garage door repair and installation services. We are offering people services for several years now.