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Garage Door Cable Broke: What Should I Do?

Don’t worry if your garage door cable broke recently. Supreme Garage Door can be of assistance to you if you are wondering why your garage door cable broke and whom should you contact. If you note that your door is not functioning correctly, or the door is uneven, there might be a cable problem. In this case, where your garage door cable broke, you should immediately opt for a door repair service. The cable repairing job can be hazardous. Thus, it would be great if you always choose a professional to do the work. DIYs or taking unprofessional help can result in more damage.

The door cable is projected on both sides of the door. This balance eases the opening and closure of the door. During the initial installation phase, you must have chosen a robust and durable cable for your garage and yet your garage door cable broke. The possible explanation could be that a cable goes through tremendous friction from both sides. This continuous tension increases the chances of wear and tear—eventually, the cable breaks or snaps.

My Garage Door Cable Broke: Can I Use A DIY Technique?

As mentioned, the door cable repairing job is not easy. It requires professional help. Somebody who is an expert and has all the necessary tools can handle this job rightly. You may find plenty of videos if your garage door cable broke on how to repair your door cables on YouTube. But, doing it yourself might put you in danger. You might hurt yourself or your friends while doing the job. It is recorded that hundreds of people in America lose their lives or injure themselves because of repairing a door cable. Why? Because the weight of the door is hard to manage as you don’t have enough expertise. The professionals lift the doors flawlessly using the equipment and fix the cable in the process.

Meanwhile, the help arrives, you can at least shut the door by cutting the unbroken cable. In that way, your house will remain protected. There will be no chance of someone invading or trespassing into your home illegally. But even if you do that, make sure you have people who can help you lift the door. Ideally, you can wait for help to arrive.

Why Do I Need Professional Help If My Garage Door Cable Broke?

  • A professional team understands what kind of cable you require
  • They can ensure you timely work done
  • With their expertise, they can do it more quickly
  • They use efficient tools and digital mechanisms
  • You don’t get hurt or injured in the process

What Type Of Cables Do I Need If My Garage Door Cable Broke?

Each door has its specific specifications. The two types of door cables based on the kind of springs are

  • Torsion cables: In this case, your door is fixed using torsion springs. These are located above your door when it is closed. The cables are on the bottom corner of the door. As you lift the door, the springs unwind
  • Extension cables: They have cables on both sides of the door. The cables are located inside the springs. As you close the door, the cable stretches

Undoubtedly, they both are made up of metal and robust components. However, due to long-term use, they can get rusted, corrosive, and weak. Sometimes, the moisture on the door weakens the cables.

Who Can Help Me If My Garage Door Cable Broke?

Texas is a bustling state and you cannot afford to lose time because of your door since your garage is the first place you go in the morning. It is almost impossible to find someone reliable and fast in such a busy state.

However, Supreme Garage Door is one of the most rapidly working service providers that you will love. We have years of expertise in working with doors. We are a team of experts who are dedicated and hardworking. Our professionals use expert devices and mechanics that ease the work. It is our vision to satisfy all our customers.

Benefits Of Calling #1 Service: Supreme Garage Door

Why should you call us? Our services and accomplishments make us stand out in a crowd full of other repair services

  • Fastest service in Texas: We can ensure you the fastest service. Our representatives reach out to you within minutes to fix the problem. We have a quick response rate which is a bonus
  • Expertise: All our workers are skilled. We have years of experience dealing with doors, providing all kinds of services related to it
  • Updated service: We are an expert in repairing all kinds of door cables regardless of the type. We update our services to provide you with the best
  • Affordability: In Texas, it is hard-pressed to find a service that is efficient, fast, and affordable. Supreme Garage Door is highly economical and cost-effective

Call us now!

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