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Garage Door Style – Match the Curb Appeal Of Your House

Supreme Garage Door has a garage door style to match your house. Garage door style represents 30% of your exterior. Supreme Garage Door has the most popular and trendy door style for you to select.

Garage Door Style Service Caters to Trendy & Popular Designs

An appealing door style can increase your property value. It is important that the custom doors you select match the façade of your exterior home outlook. The door style should not attract unnecessary attention from the look of the house.

If your house is a wooden exterior Supreme Garage Door has wood-look door designs. One of the best things about wooden exterior and doors is that it is not prone to door rust as much as steel. We have a ranch, Mediterranean, Tudor, modern farmhouse, colonial, and black door designs for homeowners.

These doors can be made in a variety of different materials. There are aluminum and steel doors that also incorporate glass designs. These doors are not only durable and secure but also aesthetically pleasing to view. This could potentially attract visitors even if it doesn’t increase property value.

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Choose From Modern & Stylish Custom Garage Doors Design

Contemporary door style is an increasing popular choice especially in metropolitan areas. Contemporary custom doors feature asymmetrical designs which may incorporate natural lighting. Contemporary doors usually combine wooden and metallic tones to present an eye-catching exterior.

We have contemporary custom doors available in skyline flush, sophisticated sterling, and full-view aluminum. You can choose from many different colors for each model of door. You can choose from plain, frosted, tinted, glue chip, obscure, and seeded glass textures if the door includes glass paneling. With contemporary designs, you can choose the number of windows as well.

Why Wood Look Doors Are Better Than Actual Wood?

Wooden doors are attractive but wood presents a number of different problems which is not there with other materials. No one can deny the charm of elegant wooden designs. But a wooden door of the same dimensions is much more expensive in consideration to any other material.

Wood needs to be processed and polished before it can become a productive garage door style. Even after processing and polishing there is still the risk of termites. This is why we have wood look doors. Wood look doors give you the attraction of wood without all of the other inconveniences.

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Are Black Doors A Practical and Fashionable Choice?

If you are looking for a captivating door style, black is the color most people choose. Black paint is the easiest to find in a hardware store. Black garage doors are the result of someone trying to renew the look of their doors. Needless to say, this does not result in a very stylish-looking door.

We have full glass and aluminum black doors that look completely stunning. There are also black doors with a wooden finish. Black will be prone to fading due to constant exposure to sunlight. Certain manufacturers like Amarr, CHI, and Hormann have black doors that use specialized paint. This way you can get the appeal of a black look minus all of the problems.

Do Certain Types of Door Styles Attract Door Rust

You will inevitably get door rust with a door style that has metallic pieces that have not been processed. Garage door rust will still be an issue even if the metal has been processed. The only difference is that it will not happen so quickly.

There are door designers which use metals in their designs so that it minimizes the chances of rust. One way to minimize rust is to cover the metallic sheet design with glass.

Garage Door Styles Based On Weather & Climatic Considerations

Take into consideration the weather in your area when you choose a certain garage door style. Some door styles automatically incorporate insulation in their design. Insulation will be especially invaluable in colder regions. There are designs that let in sunlight but not the cool winter breeze.

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Garage Door Style – FAQ

When designers design a door style they take into consideration that security is the main concern for any one purchasing a door. If there are glass designs on the garage door it will usually be accompanied with all the proper reinforcement or it might be in a difficult to reach area. In most cases the opener is a good security enforcement agent for your door.

Yes, we design custom garage doors using the materials you would like. You can provide us with the design of your preferred garage door. You can also choose from a variety of custom garage door styles.

Our experts can take measurements at the site. This will also give them an opportunity to make productive suggestions based on the materials and colors for the garage doors. To get the most productive advice let us know what sort of budget you have in mind for the custom garage doors.

Wood look doors have an exterior which is similar to wood. The materials used to make the door may not actually be wood. Some of the materials used to make door style is actually much more resistant and durable in comparison to wood.

Wooden doors are not very conducive to maintain temperatures inside a room. Wood look doors have the necessary insulation to ensure that it doesn’t get too cold inside. So besides being able to last longer than wood, wood look doors are also better insulators.

Black often requires more maintenance regardless of the kind of material it is. But the black garage doors designed by certain designers will not require any more maintenance than your average garage door.

If they get dusty you will need to clean black garage doors every so often. Designers also manufacture colors which might not need to be cleaned so often. An example of this is charcoal gray. The color closely resembles black but does not look so dirty even if there is dust on it. The windows might be a better indication of the dust on a charcoal gray garage door style.

Door rust will be your main concern if you live in a coastal area. The garage door rust is caused by the high salt content in the coastal areas. One way to tackle the problem is to use a naturally-resistant metal (like copper). These metals are not affected by the high salt content in the air.

Some garage door styles are made of Glass Resin Polyester (GRP). GRP offers durability and the resistance of fiberglass. It is also a very light material. Doors made out of GRP are especially designed for people living in the coastal areas.

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