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Quite often, garage owners have problems with leaving and entering the garage or yard, which are associated with a temporary power outage or a malfunction of the automation installed on the overhead garage door. As a result, you can be late for work, important negotiations or the airport. Just for this case, manufacturers of automation and overhead garage door designers have provided emergency opening and unlocking systems using overhead door remotes.

On different types of gates, the design of the mechanisms is different; but they all have one thing in common; they include overhead door remotes. Specialists of bona fide installation organizations; such as Supreme Garage Door after the completion of the installation; always instruct the customers on the operating rules; as well as how, in fact, to unlock the overhead garage door, should something happen. But sometimes knowledge is forgotten or you buy a house with already installed gates, anything can happen. That is where our specialists come in to help.

Enhance Your Garage Experience with Latest Technologies

Automatic garage doors of any kind can be controlled by several types:

From buttons located on an adjoining wall or anywhere nearby. Not the best option, since in order to open / close the overhead garage door, you still need to leave the car. Supreme Garage Door technicians often use this option as a backup in case the overhead door remote malfunctions. You can use gate control buttons to open the gate in an emergency.

Automatic overhead garage doors with overhead door remotes are a popular option. The drive has a receiving device that, when a signal arrives, starts the gate slider in one direction or the other (depending on the received signal). Remote controls that resemble keychains transmit the signal. This method is convenient, since you can turn on / off the drive while in the range of the receiver located in the garage. From the car, from the house, being in the yard – it doesn’t matter.

It is important that the overhead door remote is within the signal range. But there are nuances here.Firstly, overhead door remotes transmit signals over a radio channel. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to the encoding method and security system. The second one is from your neighbors or even you; there may be a remote control from another device operating at the same frequency.

This will lead to confusion. Therefore, it is desirable that it be possible to change the frequency at which the control panel and the receiver of your overhead door remotes operate. In addition, it will increase the reliability of the system; you can change the frequency as remote control for automatic gates is convenient.

Understand Your Garage Door Better with the Help of Our Technicians

If your overhead garage door has an electric rack and pinion emergency unlocking of overhead garage doors; the manual unlocking mechanism is located on a movable carriage located on the rail. As a rule, it is a hanging cord (one or two, depending on the deign) or a swing arm directly on the carriage. On the other end, using the overhead door remotes to initiate the automatic opening or closing may fail; and you need to understand how to do the manual unlocking. Boldly but carefully, pull the cord or turn the lever while simultaneously raising or lowering the gate by the handle from the inside.

After a characteristic click, which means that the carriage is detached from the rail; the gate can be easily moved by hand. But keep in mind if, after closing or opening the door; the carriage comes to the same place where you unlocked it. A loud click will lock everything again. Re-unlocking will require repeating the procedure. Upon restoring power, press the overhead door remote; the carriage will automatically snap into place. And the gate can be controlled in normal mode.

Overhead Door Remotes

If you have a wide garage door of a large area, then a bulk electric drive is probably installed as an automation. Its characteristic feature is that it is located not under the ceiling on a rail, but directly on the gate shaft above the opening (right or left). Its unlocking system is also a hanging cord as well or a swing arm directly on the body. Pull the cord or turn the lever until it clicks and that’s it, the gate is unlocked.

Restore the power to the gate and either pull the cord (if there are two cords, one will unlock and the other will lock back) or return the lever to its original position to lock the gate. Most industrial bulk drives contain a chain reducer, which makes opening the gate much easier. Our staff at Supreme Garage Door looks forward to solving garage issues for clients throughout Texas.

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