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Overhead garage doors are designed mainly for industrial premises. Convenient and inexpensive design of an overhead garage door allows them to be used to cover large openings. The only condition is that there is sufficient space in the opening area. Overhead garage doors with top suspension can be mounted both at the outside and inside of the premise and be used as street gates or as internal movable partitions.

Their design uses a guide fixed to the supports, wall or ceiling. The movement of the canvas occurs parallel to the fence or wall; therefore, it requires free space at a distance equal to the width of the opening. The most popular overhead garage doors are for sheds and industrial premises.

The disadvantage of this design can be considered the presence of the upper bulkhead, to which the rail is attached. It limits the opening in height and requires additional cost of its construction. The advantage is the absence of restrictions on the width and height of the structure, as well as ease of movement. Automation of an overhead garage door will save on motor power.

Durable and Consistent Door That Suits Any Garage

The structure of the overhead garage door includes a curtain, a guide rail, brackets for its fastening, roller carriages, traps and lateral rolling stops.
The basis of the canvas is a metal rectangular frame, sheathed with a selected material (metal, board, profile sheet, sandwich panels, etc.). The guide is a rectangular profile with a longitudinal groove at the bottom. Roller carriages are fixed on the frame, and move inside the guide, and the frame is suspended from them.
Roller trolleys – several rollers with brackets that attach them to the frame and mechanisms that regulate the height of the door suspension. On the lower edge of the gate wing, along the edges of the opening, rollers are installed – they perform the task of holding the leaf in a vertical plane. Additionally, opening limiters and traps can be installed by our Supreme Garage Door technicians.

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Overhead garage doors can be equipped with either a manual drive or an automatic one. Supreme Garage Door experts determine the option based on the finances that the owner of the car has and the task for the design. In this case, it can be assumed that the gate will not be used every day, therefore, in any case, it will be able to serve for a very long time.

It is important to understand that the drive cannot be considered an integral part of the design. This detail is just a good addition that helps make life more comfortable. In addition, the drive can reduce the amount of time spent opening and closing the garage.

They are a monolithic sheet, to the upper part of which the so-called roller bearings are welded or screwed. A guide profile is attached to a special supporting truss (if it is not there, just to the base of the wall), along which the door body will slide on roller supports.

Reap the Benefits – An Overhead Garage Door

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the design of overhead garage doors, we can move on to the main features.

  • This type of gate does not require a special foundation under it, no pillars on the sides;
  • This variety allows you to close the largest openings, up to 24 meters wide and 7 meters high;
  • During operation, the opening remains completely free;
  • The mechanics, in the case of this design, are especially reliable, and the canvas itself rises easily and smoothly;
  • Highest security, breaking these gates is almost impossible;
  • Due to a simple and reliable suspension system, a very long service life is achieved; some models, with proper maintenance, can work for more than fifty years;
  • The price of suspended gates, taking into account all the above properties and durability, is more than acceptable;
  • Free space is required in the direction of movement of the gate, at the moment of opening, this imposes certain restrictions on the adjacent territory;

We Help You Keep Your Door at Its Best Form

All of the above advantages will take place only if the gate was manufactured in compliance with all production standards, in addition, only high-quality materials should be used. If you want to be sure that you are purchasing a gate that will reliably serve you for a long time, Supreme Garage Door can offer you its services. For a long time, we have been selling and installing all existing types of doors in Texas.  During this time, we managed to find the best suppliers and due to this we can offer our customers both the highest quality and the opportunity to buy overhead garage doors at a price lower than that of our competitors. You can study all available models of overhead garage doors in the catalog on our website. After that, call the specified phone number and a specialist from Texas will help you complete your purchase.


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