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Your residential new garage door installation needs to be operated safely by an experienced crew. You trust Supreme Garage Door Repair to do the job right. We are the best in the business because the service we provide is excellent, our staff is knowledgeable, and our prices are reasonable. Our team can help you program your door, service your door, or select the perfect garage door for the house. Get a free estimate today and let us show you what we’re capable of

The Different Types of Residential New Garage Door Installation!

You will see a lot of garages beside homes as you drive down many streets in America. Often more practical than a lawn or picket fence, garages are an integral aspect of everyday life today.

It is not just your vehicle that is protected by a garage, but you may also be protected from other factors by an attached garage as you transition from your house to your vehicle. As a space to park a car, store items, or setup a small workshop, a garage can serve multiple purposes.

Functionality and appearance are the most important factors when choosing a garage door. Modern garage doors protect both your car and your home excellently thanks to their improved technology and design over the years. As well as affecting the value of your home, the appearance of your garage door has a significant impact on the perception of your neighbors.

To help you decide what type of door is right for your home, we’ve put together this brief guide to door styles and materials.

A Variety of Garage Door Styles

There are two primary styles of garage doors: carriage and sectional

Sectional Garage Doors!

There are two parallel tracks that run the length of a sectional door, which is composed of horizontal panels connected by hinges. In residential neighborhoods, it’s probably the most common type of door. Depending on your preference, you can choose to have windows on your sectional door. There are a wide variety of shapes and styles of sectional doors, including squares, arches, and traditional and modern designs.

To lift the door manually or to use a motorized garage door opener, a homeowner wraps a heavy-duty torsion spring around a torsion bar. The various types of motorized lifting systems include chains, belts, screws, and direct drives. We can install sectional garage doors at your home with our experience of years. Call us as soon as you need us.

Sliding Garage Doors!

In garages designed to have a rustic appearance, carriage doors often evoke images of French doors or barn doors. Usually made out of wood, swing type doors are hinged vertically. Typically, they blend well into the house in terms of their overall appearance. The header and side jambs of these doors are highly sealed, so that they serve as efficient energy sources and provide excellent weather protection for your garage.

There are some downsides to sliding garage doors, despite their elegant appearance and energy efficiency. In order to move a car in and out of carriage doors, more space is required because of the outward swing of the doors. Moreover, automating them is more expensive and takes longer.

Materials for Residential New Garage Door Installation!

There are a variety of materials available for garage doors, such as alloys, fibreglass, wood, or wood-composite materials.


A pair of galvanized steel doors can be finished in composite materials or stained depending on the colors and looks you desire.

Coastal areas can dent and corrode steel doors, but that is the only significant issue.

Wood composite

Fiberboard sheets usually cover wood frames in composite doors. Dense fiberboard skins can simulate natural wood with realistic details. Insulation is provided by polystyrene in the cores, as is the case with all frame models.


The aluminum panels of garage doors can also scratch, but they do not rust as easily as steel doors. There are a variety of colors and finishes to choose from. If you want to admit natural lighting without sacrificing privacy, you can even use translucent glass in some aluminum panels.


There are layers of wood used in the construction of garage doors, and stains, paints, or treatments are available to prevent insects from destroying them in the future. You can also paint them after they are installed to match the color and texture of your home.


A steel frame is covered with two layers of fiberglass, and polyurethane is insulating the garage doors. Despite their low susceptibility to dents and cracks, and lack of rusting, they are susceptible to breaking in certain situations.

We’re Here to Help

A garage door is one of the most important investments you will make for your home. Find the perfect door for your home or office with the experts at Supreme Garage Repair in Texas.

We have trained professionals on hand to assist you for residential new garage door installation. So, we are here to answer any questions you may have about garage doors, so contact us today. We offer new garage door installation, insulated installation, and electric garage door installation in texas.

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