Custom Garage Doors – Delivering Architectural Luxury

Whether you’re a new homeowner looking forward to personalizing your home or you simply need to replace the existing garage doors, our custom garage door solutions are perfect for you! Supreme Garage Door is a leading garage door supplier in Texas delivering access to designer custom garage doors to suit your style and preference. We can design bespoke custom garage doors for your home for optimum security and aesthetics.

Custom Garage Door Services

While your home is an expression of your personal taste, the garage doors of your home signify a larger part of your home’s style. You should go for choosing a custom garage door service that complements your home and its overall décor. At Supreme Garage Door, we provide a comprehensive range of custom garage door services tailor-made to suit your preferences.

  • Modern style garage doors: Wish to include contemporary design element into your garage door style? We can help you with the same
  • Modern single garage door: Following the current trends of contemporary architecture, our modern single garage door designs offer timeless simplicity to the overall design
  • Modern garage door decorative hardware: Wish to enhance the overall aesthetics of your garage area? Get access to top-class, decorative hardware elements featuring contemporary designs
  • Modern looking garage doors: It is high time you should upgrade your garage door design to feature something new and contemporary. We can help
Our Customer Reviews
Johanna Lloyd
Johanna Lloyd
2 reviews
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I was desperately in need of a garage repair and maintenance person. I googled what I needed and up popped these fine people. They came out right away the same day and did all the work I needed immediately for a very fair price which I was glad to pay. My problem is solved in a matter of less than an hour. I’m very happy with the service and warranty that was provided for a year.
Belinda Cini
Belinda Cini
1 review
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The guys were great! They responded quickly and completed all work efficiently as promised. They installed a new opener and replaced parts on the garage door and now everything works perfectly!
Joli Ballew
Joli Ballew
7 reviews
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I needed to take out two garage doors and the middle separator and replace all with a single, large garage door so that I could get my truck in. While several companies told me it was going to require other experts, Ron at SGD was able to do it all in a day with just his crew. It looks awesome and I'm so happy to have my new car garaged. Workers were on time, personable, and did a fantastic job. I got two openers, all new wood for the frame, new tracks, and a new motor, all for around $4000. I'm very happy.
Annette Johnson
Annette Johnson
2 reviews
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Very quick and professional service. I contacted them and had my repairs done within hours. They provided options and expertise! Sean our service rep was excellent!
Emmelie De La Cruz
Emmelie De La Cruz
2 reviews
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My garage door suddenly stopped working and less than 24 hours later, Sean came by and fixed it quickly. He was super pleasant, and it was easy to schedule the appointment. The Supreme team are clearly experts at all things garage doors and I’m so grateful!

Modern Style Garage Doors – Bringing Elegance To Your Garage

Are you looking for reliable custom garage door services? Our aesthetic range of modern style garage doors can be a perfect addition to the garage area to emanate a sense of elegance as well as functionality throughout. Our modern style garage doors follow the ongoing design trends along with contemporary architectural styles to improve the overall appearance. Moreover, the sleek and modern design of the garage doors also help in delivering improved functionality to your garage.

The modern door series is designed to deliver timeless simplicity to the overall home design –perfect for those who wish to embrace pure contemporary style. With multiple options to select from, each one can be customized to your preferences.

Modern Single Garage Door – Quality Craftsmanship For Your Home

At Supreme Garage Door, we offer elegant modern single garage doors to offer superior design and world-class craftsmanship. We also offer the guarantee that your garage doors will not only look beautiful, but will also be highly durable and functional.

We offer the best-ever prices for our aesthetic range of modern single garage doors across our unique offerings. Get access to sleek, sophisticated modern single garage doors to enhance the overall appearance of your home. With beautiful options to choose from, every door style can be customized through our custom garage door offering as per your preference. If you can dream it, we can help you design it!

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Modern Garage Door Decorative Hardware – Beautifying Garage Door Designs

Do you wish to improve the overall garage door design? At Supreme Garage Door, you can get access to top-class modern garage door decorative hardware through our custom garage door offerings. Our understanding of diverse architecture-based modern garage door decorative hardware has allowed us to design bespoke designs for complementing modern architectural trends.

Paired with some of the best garage hardware components, you can look forward to maximizing the overall functionality of the given space. We offer custom garage door services that are not only easy to operate, but also deliver state-of-the-art security to your home.

Modern Looking Garage Doors – Bringing A Sense Of Contemporary Design To Your Home

Our beautiful range of modern looking garage doors align with the latest design trends to deliver great aesthetics and functionality to the given space. At Supreme Garage Door, we offer access to top-class custom garage door services to impart a sense of contemporary beauty to your garage area. The modern looking garage doors that we install offer timeless simplicity to the design of your home –perfect for homeowners looking for a clean break from historic designs while embracing pure modern style.

With multiple design options to choose from, your garage door can now be customized as you desire. With modern looking garage doors, the sky is the limit!

Supreme Garage Door is proud to be a leading supplier of top-class custom garage doors featuring modern designs for your modern home. Whether you are designing a new garage space or replacing the old garage door, our innovative designs can help you out! To know more about our custom garage door services, contact us right away!


At Supreme Garage Door, with custom garage door services, you can get access to designer garage doors as per your desire. You can choose the preferred design and customize the same for your garage area.

With our designer range of modern style garage doors, you can get access to contemporary designs and styles that best suit your garage specifications. We feature a myriad of custom garage door design options for you to choose from.

With our contemporary modern single garage door designs, you can be assured of following the latest custom garage door design trends in the garage space. As such, your house appears not only aesthetic, but also highly functional in terms of garage security.

In addition to modern custom garage door designs, we also offer access to top-class modern garage door decorative hardware items for improved functionality. Right from automatic garage door openers to chain drives, screw drives, battery backup, and so more.

If you wish to implement the essence of modern looking garage doors for your home, it is high time that you should seek our custom garage door designing services. We are available with the latest custom garage door designs that best complement your house décor and its functionality requirements.