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Garage Door Cable Snapped What Does That Mean?

Automatic garage doors have cables that are located on each side to lower and lift the doors. The cables are strong, but over time you can end up with a garage door cable snapped. The wear and tear will eventually take its toll, which causes the cable to fray, lose tension or break altogether, leaving you with a garage door cable snapped problem. When the garage door cable snapped problem arises, don’t worry; there is a team at Supreme Garage Door Texas that can assist.

Many things that can go wrong if you don’t get your garage door cable snapped and still try to use it. To avoid personal injury or to avoid further damage, when dealing with a door cable snapped; don’t attempt a DIY job and get the professionals at Supreme Garage Door Texas to help.

Understanding The Cables Of A Garage Door

Your door has different cables, and it will depend on the type of springs that the door uses.

  • Lift cables – these are found inside the doors that have torsion springs. With this, the cables are attached to the corners at the bottom of the door; and then routed to the springs that are found above the door. This is a common door type along with the rest that can suffer a garage door cable snapped.
  • Retaining cables – this type of cable is found in the doors that have extension springs. The cables are located inside the

Retaining cables are found inside the springs, and these are found running vertically along both the right and left sides of the door. The main goal of this is to stop the springs from going crazy and flying around shall you suffer a garage door cable snapped.

Both of these types are heavy-duty cables that have many strands of quality galvanized wire. These cables will operate for years without any problems; but issues like excessive moisture near the bottom of the doors or poor track alignment and faulty bearings can cause rust, wear and tear, and corrosion; all of which can lead to garage door cable snapped problems.

Garage Door Cable Snapped – Call Us!

The door experts can carry out a visual inspection that will find fraying; and other problems that can find issues that will lead to a completely snapped door cable. A door cable that has snapped will cause extra tension to go from one cable to the other, which places a huge amount of strain on the cable. This can force the door to lift unevenly, which will throw it off balance. If you have a shaking, squeaking, or abnormal functioning door, you could be dealing with a garage door cable snapped. It is best not to use the door until Supreme Garage Door Texas replaces it if this is suspected.

If the garage was open when the cable snapped, then you need to ring the emergency line as your home is now exposed. A door specialist needs to come and secure the home and see what can be worked out. A technician can replace the garage door cables and fix the problem so your home can be secure again.

Can I Carry Out A Repair Job Myself?

It is highly recommended to hire a professional to repair the cable. Thousands of people who attempt a DIY job are injured each year severely. If you don’t have the right skills and knowledge with this type of repair, you are putting yourself in a life-threatening situation. Get an expert to perform a reliable and safe job on your behalf. A good installer will make sure the door is level to the key points located in the track system that helps guide the door when opening and closing.

Uneven stretching can occur when non-qualified installers use low-quality cables. When the cable is meant for light-weight doors, they cannot be installed on a heavy door.

Professionals will use a higher quality cable, which will help to prevent fraying, stretching, and snapping cables. If it has been a while since you had your door serviced and checked over well; then you need to get it done in case the cables are in bad shape and end up snapping. Save money by sorting out the problem now before it turns into a bigger mess with the added expense.

Call today for a no-obligation quote or just to enquire about cable problems. The team is happy to offer their friendly advice and services at an affordable price that works in with all types of budgets.

Looking at a replacement altogether? No problem call today to book an appointment.

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