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There are often two photo eye sensors installed on either end of a garage door. These are used to detect if anything is blocking their path, including an object, a pet, or even a person. If detected, the photo-eye sensor reverses back into opening the door as a safety precaution. An infrared light runs between two photo eyes. If the light is blocked and doesn’t run without interruption between each eye; the sensor will not operate and keep the garage door open.

Bypassing A Garage Door Opener Sensor – Is It Possible?

Bypassing a garage door opener sensor will become possible due to some of the following stated reasons:

  • Misaligned photo-eye sensor

Simply moving one of the photo eye sensors will cause the garage door opener sensor feature to malfunction and not operate properly. Similarly, damaging a photo-eye sensor will also cause the door opener to malfunction. So ensure that your photo eye sensors are accurately placed to avoid any sort of mishaps.

  • Walking above the sensor

Another reason your garage door opener sensor does not work correctly; is because a photo-eye sensor is usually placed only a little distance from the floor. Since most of the sensors are placed at a 2-inch height, people may often miss them and simply step high above to bypass the infrared system; thus the garage door will continue to close.

  • Pulling the emergency release cord

Disconnecting the opener by pulling the emergency release cord will also result in your being able to bypass a garage door opener sensor; since it will be disconnected from the battery and continue closing without identifying anything in its pathway.

How To Identify A Faulty Garage Door Opener Sensor?

  • Ensure that nothing obstructs the pathway – This precaution ensures that the door doesn’t close when your car is in the doorway. The exact mechanism kicks in when other objects are placed near the door too.
  • Have the sensor reconnect to its power supply – Look for small LED lights on the sensors. If they’re turned on in both the sensors, there is no issue with the power supply. If you find the lights turned off in one or both the sensors, it indicates a power supply problem.
  • Give the sensor lenses a good cleanup – Sometimes, door sensor lenses can be covered in dirt. This happens when you don’t clean the lenses often; if you live close to an intersection or if there’s a lot of wind and pollution near your home. All this leads to the pile-up of dust on your lenses, and it is likely to block the sensor from functioning correctly.
  • Ensure both sensors are in line with each other – When both the sensors are misaligned, they will not work properly. Check if this is the cause by looking at the LED lights on both the sensors. You should use green lights if this is not the cause. When you see red lights flashing one, or lights off in another, check for the alignment.
  • Dry off the sensors if they have somehow gotten wet – At times, wetness in and around the sensors is a possible cause of the malfunction. This is likely if your sensor was exposed to rain or water from the sprinkler system.
  • Check for any sort of damage – Sometimes, the problem can be due to normal wear and tear. This is especially true if you’ve been using the same sensor for more than ten years, so this is indicative of you requiring a replacement sensor.

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