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Garage Door Spring Replacement in Carrollton, TX

Do You Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement?

Springs play the most important role in protecting the safety of your door since it is responsible for the proper lifting and lowering of your door (and working with your garage door opener to prevent accidents).Because of how hard they work, the springs can often wear out faster than other parts of your system, and even break. You don’t have to wait until you have a broken spring to do something.


As your locally owned and operated specialist, we use top quality springs to keep your garage door operating perfectly for a very long time.


Supreme Garage Door is your trusted and licensed service provider, dedicated to offering a variety of garage door repair services in Carrollton and the surrounding Dallas- Fort Worth Metro area.  Your satisfaction with our work is important to us, and we guarantee that our spring replacement will leave you with a  garage door that opens and closes perfectly every time. Call us at (214) 915-0384 today for your free quote.


How To Identify A Broken Spring


Here are the most common ways to identify if you need to replace  a spring:

  • You can hear the garage door opener making noises, but the door doesn’t move
  • You heard a loud pop or snap when trying to open the door

We strongly recommend not trying to use your opener to make the door open or close if a spring is broken. The following problems can happen to your garage door system if you try to open the door when a spring is broken:

  • You may damage the garage door
  • The motor of the opener can break
  • You may damage the carriage
  • The garage door rails can bend

If your garage door is stuck, it’s likely due to a broken spring. For your safety, we recommend you do not try to open the door yourself. The springs work by holding the weight of the door, so if it is broken, you could injure yourself trying to lift the door or having the door fall while you are holding it.



Types Of Garage Door Springs


Are you interested to know more about how your garage door works? We are happy to explain everything to our customers, as your satisfaction is important to us!

There are two main types of springs – torsion springs and extension springs:


Torsion spring: These springs work by winding and unwinding to raise and lower your door. This constant movement is why torsion springs are usually the first part of your garage door system to break.


Extension springs: These springs pull and contract to open and close your door. They are typically attached to the bottom of the garage door on one side and to your door track on the ceiling on the other end. Extension springs also hold a safety wire to prevent it from flying off if it breaks.


We can help you understand which type of spring is best for your door system.

Garage Door Spring Replacement


Contact Us for Same Day Spring Replacement Service

Supreme Garage Door is here to serve you and keeping your door working is our #1 goal. If the springs aren’t raising your door perfectly, then we hope you will reach out to us! Our certified technicians will resolve your garage door spring issue with our professional, same-day spring replacement service. We are happy to provide you with a free quote right away. Just call us at  (214) 915-0384.

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