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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken Spring! Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement?

Are you searching for a trusted garage door spring replacement in Carrollton, TX? If yes, then we have got you covered! Supreme Garage Door is a reliable and licensed service provider dedicated to offering garage door repair and services in Dallas- Fort Worth Metro. Garage door springs play the most important role as it does all the heavy lifting in association with the garage door opener. Because of the workload, these springs can get broken sometimes. And with the broken springs you will certainly have an issue while attempting opening or closing the garage door. Among the issues, the noisy garage door is very common. When you have broken springs then consider this as the right time to call for the professionals for spring replacement services.

As a renowned and trusted garage door specialist, we use/apply top quality garage door springs to keep your garage door operating perfectly for a long time. We endeavor to make our clients happy by satisfying them with our excellent services. Our garage door spring replacement service assures that your garage door opens and closes perfectly and all the time. Call us at (214) 915-0384 today!


How To Identify A Broken Spring

  • If you are facing difficulties while opening or closing your garage door. It will not open fully.
  • If your garage door is making noise during the operation.
  • If you didn’t replace the garage door springs in the past couple of years.
  • A broken garage door spring is easily identified with a naked eye.


The Importance Of Garage Door Spring

Holding the tension of the load of the garage door against gravity is the prime purpose of the garage door springs. Indeed, these springs play an important role to pull up the garage door. This is the reason you can’t pull the garage door up if you have a broken garage spring.


Different Types Of Garage Door Springs

There are various types of garage door springs but they have been categorized into two main types – torsion springs and extension springs for your garage door.

Torsion spring’s primary use is to raise the garage doors up. These springs are placed above the door on a metal rod. It applies torque to drums accessible at the edge of this rod. These drums are attached to the garage door cables, which are connected to the rear fixture of the garage door itself. At the time of closing, it applies torque to the drums by winding, and at the time of opening, it applies torque to the drums by loosening.

Like the torsion spring, extension springs are also supplying the force to pull up the garage door. But it involves many springs. You will discover these springs on the sides of the garage door. Extension springs also hold a safety wire that stops it from turning into unstable flying projectiles when they crack or damage.

Garage Door Spring Replacement


Same Day Garage Door Spring Replacement In TX

If the springs aren’t raising your garage door perfectly, then it is the time to get in touch with garage door experts like us. Keeping your garage door working is our prime concern. Supreme Garage Door is here to serve you! Our certified technicians will resolve the broken garage door spring issue with professional same-day garage door spring replacement service. Looking to get more information? Request a free quotation, please call us on (214) 915-0384.

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